What damages eyelashes and how to take care of them? Easy and effective methods

Nobody has come up with a regenerating eyelash mask, a balm or a cream. Your hair usually gains all the attention, but eyelashes? Not many of us remember about them. The problems occur when the eyelashes start causing trouble and become weak or fall out. This is the last call to finally take care of them.

There are not so many women who can enjoy having naturally long, thick and strong eyelashes. Sometimes we can blame genetics but on the other hand, there are women who do not take proper care of their eyelashes and in consequence, they are weak and short. To maintain lashes in good shape, you will need proper knowledge that not everyone knows. Therefore, I have decided to gather all the information on eyelash maintenance in one place and create a real compendium. You will thank me later;)

What damages your eyelashes?

Probably a majority of you will be worried after reading this: there are many many many factors that worsen the condition of the eyelashes. I, myself, also had no idea how much care they require and how badly I treated them in the past. Here is the anti-list of what NOT to do when it comes to eyelashes;

  • an eyelash curler (pure evil! it pulls, crunches eyelashes and increases their fall out);
  • strong, invasive make-up removers – they damage and dry out lashes;
  • rubbing your eyelashes and eyelids during make-up removal – co comments necessary;
  • waterproof mascaras that require stronger rubbing with the use of harsh detergents;
  • poor-quality mascara with unknown or controversial ingredients and bad consistency;
  • rubbing eyes during the day;
  • solar radiation – dries out lashes;
  • using a heated eyelash curler;
  • eyelash extensions at the salon (weaken the bulbs);
  • removable false eyelashes (the glue is a true eyelash killer);
  • inappropriate care of the mascara wand (the brush should be washed at least every two weeks);
  • using an old mascara (the consistency has probably already changed);
  • using mascaras with fibres (they overburden natural lashes);
  • using primers under the mascara – (too many heavy layers);
  • medicine, illnesses, stress, smoking cigarettes, inappropriate diet….all these factors contribute to worsening the condition of eyelashes which leads to falling out.

The list is rather long and, as you can see, eyelashes do not have an easy life. All things considered, one has to conclude: if you want to have beautiful and strong lashes, you must take a good care of them.

Since I described all factors that have a negative influence on our lashes, I guess it is finally the time to mention how to regenerate them.

How to take care of your lashes: 

The truth is, you really do not need to do as much as you might think. Of course, what we eat, whether we intake a lot of vitamins and micronutrients, or whether we are sick at the moment or not, has significant importance. I noticed myself that after taking antibiotics, the condition of my lashes has worsened. Additionally, I can’t explain why, they fell out only on one eye. So when they started growing back, I look a bit grotesque. Of course, the key to success is to reach for serums and conditioners before encountering problems. Such treatment will prevent damages and reinforce even healthy lashes. What else can you do to crow about flawless lashes? Here is the guidebook in a nutshell.

How to take care of your eyelashes – tips

  • Do not rub your eyelashes during make-up removal (I think it is rather obvious).
  • Reduce the use of lash curlers (leave them for special occasions)
  • heated lash curler… you do not need it at all!
  • Always choose a good-quality mascara – preferably with the content of mineral pigments, and nutrients: in this case, I do not agree on any compromise: a good mascara can be a game-changer.
  • Mascaras with fibres, primers, gel conditioners are all a bunch of weird stuff that doesn’t do any good.
  • Key tip: chose a high-quality eyelash serum and use it every day. The best lash serum will provide effects visible to your naked eye;) Your lashes will become longer, thicker, nourished, and strengthened.
  • Never ever use out of date cosmetics, or those with unknown components. Remember that the fewer ingredients the product has, the better.
  • Make-up remover can also nourish eyelashes – look for products with natural oil content or cornflower extract. They will take a great care of the sensitive eye area as well.
  • Strengthen your eyelashes and the eye area using homemade products – all you need to do is to put cotton pads soaked in green tea infusion on your eyelids for a few minutes – it is a true relaxation for skin and lashes.
  • Be gentle with keratin – an excessive amount of keratin can build up around the lashes and make them more fragile, prone to breakage, and weakened. Keratin-based lash conditioner might not always be the best choice.

Apart from the above-mentioned, easy rules, you must bear in mind that the condition of your eyelashes also reflects the lifestyle you lead, the things you eat, the medicine you take. Therefore, clean eating is the foundation of a healthy body, mind and eyelashes:)

What about you? Do you know any homemade ways to reinforce your eyelashes? If you have a reliable serum or mascara, please share them in the comments down below, I am very curious:)
To the next one!:)

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