Benefits of Face Toners. You Don’t Use One? Not Good!

I’m a huge fan of face toners. If you’ve been following my blog for longer, you know it’s a must-have in my beauty arsenal. Why? Today’s post explains that and shows you all properties of a skin toner, and the reason for using it on a regular basis.

Face toner. What is it actually?

Toners have made themselves comfortable in our daily routines when the Korean skin-care trend caught on. This water-based product is enriched with nutrients, e.g. plant extracts, oils and vitamins. The cosmetics makers made use of its popularity and today we can list different types of face toners:

  • hydrating toner.
  • cleansing toner.
  • soothing toner.
  • astringent.

Face toners are designed for different skin types, so anyone can use one or even should do it, as soon as possible! Still, let’s remember that a toner does not replace other skin-care products! This is a real essential you should incorporate into your skin-care routine.

Benefits of a face toner

Do you know what face toners actually do? I am happy to prove some of you wrong!

Some people say that toners are made for face cleansing like micellar water. Others believe they should be used only on sensitive skin because of soothing irritations. There is even a group of people claiming you can use toner only before applying make-up…

This is not at all true!

Remember that a toner aims to restore the skin’s pH balance. It may additionally clear the complexion, act as a make-up primer or soothe the skin but this isn’t its main purpose.

Why should we use face toner?

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty: reasons why a toner should be in everybody’s bathroom. I believe it’s irripleacleb because it:

  • balances the skin’s pH

Acidic pH is natural for skin while most products (cleansers in particular) are alkaline and therefore they upset the acid-base balance. Using a toner is the easiest way to bring it back. This is the product’s major purpose so it does it best.

  • makes face feel less tight

The side (and beneficial) effect of the above is the fact that it frees you of this hated tight-feeling face after washing. It is common that the skin is very dry and tight after cleansing because it loses the natural shield, namely, the hydro-lipid mantle and acidic environment.

  • soothes irritated skin

Apart from minimizing the feeling of tight skin, a toner is able to alleviate irritated acne skin, broken capillaries, allergic reactions, etc. It’s good news for anyone whose face goes red, burns and itches after washing. Wipe your soothing toner across the skin to get things back to normal.

  • complements the washing stage

It cannot be skipped that a face toner is one of the stages in the Korean skin-care routine. After removing make-up, cleansing with oil, using a gel or foam, and a scrub, you finally reach for a toner to get rid of the impurities that might have been left out but are not visible to the naked eye.

  • primes skin for next conditioning products

Skin-care ritual isn’t finished with a toner, though. You proceed with a serum, moisturizer, and sometimes a mask, so it’s good to prep the skin first. A toner comes in useful as it soothes irritations, balances the pH and, in turn, the absorption of nutrients is easier for better effects in your skin-care routine.

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