How to Wash Hair? Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making!


I’m curious what your hair washing routine looks like. Seriously, I am. Recently I ran across an article discussing the biggest mistakes people make while shampooing. I learnt lots of things and I’m not going to keep them to myself! You can find all must-know facts in today’s post.

How do we wash hair?

Hurriedly. This is the first thing that comes to my mind. I usually did it while showering, not paying much attention to it actually. Most people don’t put their mind to shampooing. Dampening, getting shampoo (supposedly the more the better right?) and rubbing it into the hair for a couple of secs. We usually use chaotic movements without any agenda. Too bad!

What happens to hair when we wash it all wrong?

If your hair wash routine is careless, then you shouldn’t be surprised to see split ends, frizzy strands, and generally bad-looking hair. Here’s what happens to your hair when you wash it incorrectly.

  • brittle, split ends
  • hair falling out excessively
  • oily scalp and dandruff
  • extremely tangled hair
  • static flyaways, frizzy strands

How to wash hair then?

To avoid the unwanted effects, you need to wash your hair the right way. Do it gently as if you washed your favorite silk scarf. Remember that hair is delicate and can be easily damaged by rubbing, tugging, and over-enthusiastic motions. The scalp doesn’t like being scratched and irritated either and it may react by producing too much oil.

Most Common Hair Washing Mistakes

Nitty-gritty? Coming right up! I believe listing top mistakes is useful. Hopefully you will remember them and do the opposite!

1. Not combing hair out before washing.

Definitely this is a top mistake in a hair washing routine. Do you comb your hair out before shampooing? Nope? Start now! You will avoid tangled hair that cannot be detangled by any means.

2. Applying shampoo directly on hair.

I used to do that with every hair wash. I would take a bottle and get a blob straight on the hair. It took me some time to kick the habit. Mixing a small amount of shampoo with water first makes it easier to spread it on hair, creates foam, plus the product lasts you longer.

3. Using too much shampoo and not mixing it with water.

Using too much shampoo is a very popular mistake which is bad both for your hair and your budget. Using smaller amount and mixing it with water is a great idea!

4. Applying shampoo on hair, not on scalp.

Did you know you shouldn’t put shampoo on the hair lengths? Actually, shampoos are designed for washing the scalp! You need to apply it on the roots of hair where the oil and dirt accumulate. Hair is usually less dirty so the lather that trickles will do for sure.

5. Washing and scratching the scalp overenthusiastically.

Most people wash the hair too harshly, actually scrubbing the scalp and hair, which doesn’t bring any benefits because tugging and rubbing causes damage. Instead of scrubbing the scalp, massage it gently.

6. Not rinsing the shampoo thoroughly enough.

Not rinsing the shampoo well is the major cause of dandruff and so is the product buildup. It’s better to devote some more time to washing the shampoo out than to struggle with dandruff.

7. Rinsing hair with hot water.

Without any doubts it’s a mistake. High temperature harms the hair, opens the cuticles and leaves hair coarse, dull, and brittle. Always use lukewarm water to seal the cuticles and soften the hair.

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