Which Vitamin C Serums Do I Recommend? Check Out 4 Best Picks!

You often ask me about some good products worth adding to your skincare kit. Vitamin C cosmetics are a good example. This vitamin is essential for us to stay healthy, and for our skin too: it brightens the face, repairs the skin, beautfies, and delays aging. It’s good to incorporate a quality vitamin C serum into your skincare routine as early as in your 20s,[…]

Wondering Which Hair Mask Should You Buy Next? Let Me Help You With That

Hair mask is an essential beauty product. If you’re counting on the actual hair appearance improvement, a hair mask is the very first thing you should reach for. In the sea of better and worse cosmetics, it’s really hard to get what is the right product – and that’s why I’m offering my help today! My extensive knowledge on beauty products makes me an appropriate[…]

Facts & myths about eyelash extensions. Does this procedure really damage your own lashes?

Eyelash extensions procedure enjoys a huge popularity. Like… HUGE. Beauty salons lure us with their special offers, and many girls (I’m sure you know at least one) do courses and receive training on attaching falsies to natural lashes so they can make your own lashes longer and fuller-looking at home. This is why sometimes it’s hard to make up your mind and choose the place[…]

Nanoil top-rated hair styling spray

Fabulous Hairstyle Regardless of Conditions? Only with Nanoil Hair Styling Spray!

Hi, there! I know it’s quite hard to find a multitasking hair styling primer that additionally protects from weather conditions. Usually hair doesn’t look its best on a freezing, windy or red-hot day. Even using a mousse or hair spray doesn’t save it from losing volume. That’s a problem I tend to have. I think what Mother Nature gave us sometimes needs enhancements, and that’s[…]