Cluster lashes for self application (DIY)

DIY Eyelash Extensions – Nanolash Cluster Lashes Tested and Reviewed!

Long, well-taken-care-of lashes have always been my priority. I used to get eyelash extensions done at the salon regularly. Though I liked the result, I didn’t like how long they lasted. Recently I’ve come across DIY eyelash cluster extensions from the brand Nanolash. They promise simple application and long-lasting lash styles, staying put for even five days. Can you apply false lashes in just ten[…]

which mascara is the best?

Beautiful And Long Lashes All Day Long. These Mascaras Passed The Test!

I never complained about my natural eyelashes. However, the effect I could achieve with the help of false lashes was what I expected. However, I didn’t want to agonize every day with their tightening, so I decided to find the perfect mascara that would get me closer to the desired results in just a few minutes. Check out which mascaras I can recommend! Why mascara[…]

eye brow lamination

Brow Lamination At Home, My TOP5 Brow Lamination Kits

Hello ladies, Do you struggle with thin, unruly, or sparse eyebrows that are hard to control? Do you want to know the secret of DIY brow lamination – an amazing treatment that can completely change your brow routine? I have great news for you! I managed to prepare a ranking of the best at home brow lamination kits which allow you to achieve incredible results[…]

Heat Protectant Sprays for Hair – Ranking & My Reviews!

Hey guys, do you protect your hair from heat? Naturally, I don’t only mean hot summer days but also hairdryers or extremely heated flat iron. Such devices remove water from hair. How to safeguard it from damage? I’ve been using heat protectant sprays for many months. As I’ve tested a lot, I’m ready to recommend top choices. I’m making an honest round-up: which thermal protection[…]

Facts & myths about eyelash extensions. Does this procedure really damage your own lashes?

Eyelash extensions procedure enjoys a huge popularity. Like… HUGE. Beauty salons lure us with their special offers, and many girls (I’m sure you know at least one) do courses and receive training on attaching falsies to natural lashes so they can make your own lashes longer and fuller-looking at home. This is why sometimes it’s hard to make up your mind and choose the place[…]