Make-up and its removal in one box – Grandiose Lancome Set


I don’t leave home without eye make-up on. No matter if I have time in the morning or not, I always have to apply an eyeliner and eyeshadows. For that reason, I find Grandiose Lancome kit perfect. How do the cosmetics work and how do I apply them? Keep reading to find out!

What can we find in Grandiose Lancome Set?

Grandiose kit by Lancome features three cosmetics: mascara of Noir Extreme shade, Le Cryon Khol in a black shade and eye make-up removal lotion Bi Facial Yeux. All the products are packed in a pink box. If you like this kind of cosmetic sets, Lancome brand offers also Grandiose Extreme Mascara Holiday Set. Instead of the eye pencil, the set features Cils Booster XL Super-Enchancing Mascara Base.

Grandiose mascara

I need to start from describing the brush, which is just extraordinary. The applicator resembles a swan’s neck – it’s curved at angle and this facilitates eyelash coating. I have to admit honestly that I had had to put a lot of effort before I finally learned how to place the brush to apply the mascara in the right way. Now doing eye make-up with Grandiose mascara is child’s play for me, especially because the cosmetic coats each eyelash the way I want it to. Thanks to this, eyes seem to be bigger and the entire make-up becomes more enhanced.

Le Cryon Khol mini eye pencil

It has cream formula, contains many pigments and makes eyelash line optically thicker. Lancome eye pencil is resistant to water, sweat and rain as well as many other external factors that may ruin make-up. To me, the pencil is easy to apply, smudge and blend with other colour cosmetics. It’s small size enables us to carry it to work or university and apply touch-ups outside the home.

Bi Facial Yeux make-up remover

This cosmetic removes the mascara and eye pencil I described above. This lotion by Lancome is created to take care even of the most delicate and sensitive eyes and their skin area. It removes all colour cosmetics and impurities that happened to gather on skin throughout a day. There is just one thing to remember before using this product – you have to shake it well before applying it to a cotton pad so as to make both phases combine.

Do you like such cosmetic sets, too?

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