Woman-shaped bottles of DOVE balms – diversity is beautiful!

I’m surprised what a brave step Dove took. I want to share with you my opinion concerning the latest campaign of the brand, which I came across by accident when I was looking for new cosmetic products. I’m really curious whether you will be as surprised as I was. Or maybe you have already heard about the new packages of Dove’s products?

Dove proves that diversity is better than perfection. Really? Can the bottles resembling woman curves help us with accepting our bodies?

Again, I have to emphasize that Dove displayed extraordinary courage. Breaking the schemes, choosing a different direction and the campaign that deals with the all-pervasive idealism can echo in two ways – either it can go up well with the public or go down bad with it. OK, let’s be specific.

DOVE limited edition cosmetics

What does make this campaign different form other Dove’s cosmetic collections? After all this brand has been teaching women self-acceptance since ages. Do you remember the commercial, in fact my favourite one so far, where they hired naturally beautiful women of all skin colours, different body shapes, and presenting them without electronic retouch? There is one thing that connects the women – beauty. This makes that Dove commercials catch people’s attention and, another advantage to mention, have educational value.

This time, in the name of creating women’s awareness, Dove presents the limited edition of body balms launched in six bottles of various shapes resembling six different body figures.

Purpose: show that diversity is better than pursuing the unapproachable perfection. Dove wants us to start accepting ourselves. It’s completely unimportant, what are we like on the outside, whether we associate with the slender and tall bottle or maybe with the pudgy one. All of us hide the same thing – beauty and kindness. The thing that is the most valuable about us isn’t on the outside.

Dove, congratulations!

Shapes, sizes and curves of the bottles are really cute. I love them! However, I don’t really understand all those negative opinions that Dove promotes equality in a limited manner since all the bottles are of one shade only and therefore there is no equality in terms of skin colour. My Dear, diversified shapes of the bottles is just the metaphor that addresses just one issue – our body shapes, which are often the cause of our hang-ups. Therefore, if Dove was to take up the issue globally, the barad would have to create bottles with the signs of different countries and beliefs, which is pointless. I think that Dove brand takes up a very important problem in a really adorable way and showed that what matters is hidden inside of us.

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