Victoria’s Secret Products in My Beauty Case! 4 Angel Lip Kits


There have been fragrance mists. Now, it’s time for lip makeup sets. This is a surprise from Victoria Secret. One of the Angel Lip Kits is already in my beauty case.

As many sets as many Angels

Victoria’s Secret gifts us with four lip makeup kits. They’re named after four, most famous Angels: Martha Hunt, Jasmine Tookes, Sara Sampaio and Elsa Hosk. Each set consists of a soft lipliner, creamy lipstick and lip gloss. We can choose between four shades: red, pink, light orange and claret.

How to use Victoria’s Secret products?

You can use Angel Lip Kit products separately or all at the same time. First, outline the lips with the lipliner for a perfect shape and easier makeup. Next, apply the creamy lipstick. For a more intense look, apply two coats. Use the lip gloss for bigger-looking lips and a slight shine boost. Your makeup is complete!

What’s the design of Victoria’s Secret Kits?

The products come in cases with models’ photos on. There are pockets for the lipstick, lip gloss and lipliner inside. Additionally, each product has a short description, model’s opinion and autographs. Victoria Secret products make a perfect gift; you don’t even need to add any wrapping.

Have you seen latest Victoria’s Secret Angel Lip Kits? If not, they’re worth testing. I really loved them. 

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