Humectants – what are those, how do they work and how to use them?

Hi! Haircare involves the use of various substances, such as humectants. Next to emollients and protein, humectants are part of the so-called PEH group, which is necessary for balanced hair and scalp care. If your hair lacks humectants, check how to use them and what their action is. Enjoy my post. What are humectants? A humectant is a hygroscopic substance that dissolves well in water[…]

Biotin. What are its properties, richest sources and deficiency symptoms?

Hey! It’s known as vitamin B7 or H, keeps hair, skin and nails in shape, stabilizes glucose levels in blood. One vitamin fulfils so many functions. We know it by the name biotin. What benefits it has, which foods are highest in biotin and what are the symptoms of its deficit? What’s biotin? Biotin is an organic compound occuring in animal and plant tissues. It[…]