A Bit of Alchemy Won’t Harm Your Hair. Davines Alchemic Silver Shampoo


I’m not sure if you’ve noticed that some brands consider women’s requirements while creating beauty products. Davines Shampoo is one of such cosmetics. It’s designed for grey, platinum and light blonde hair. What effects does the product deliver?

Davines Alchemic Silver – properties

Davines Shampoo is recommended for colour-treated and natural, over-processed hair. It has a scalp-neutral 5.3 pH. Alchemic Silver gently cleans the scalp, nourishes the hair and enhances its colour. It has a nourishing, moisturising, smoothing and softening power. Thanks to the product, hair’s luminous, easy to style and protected from the harmful external factors. Natural substances keep the scalp and hair in shape.

What does Alchemic Silver Shampoo contain?

It’s rich in superficially active and gently-cleaning substances, milk proteins, colour-enhancing pigments and B5 protein. Two first ingredients remove the sebum excess and impurities and hold dandruff back. Milk proteins provide hair with lots of nutrients and shield against different kinds of damage. Provitamin B5 ensures an in-depth hydration, smoothness and shine.

How to use Alchemic Silver Shampoo?

Mix a bit of the shampoo with water and massage into the scalp to get the lather. Next, rinse the scalp out with tepid water and – if necessary – repeat the action. For better effects, use a conditioner or a pigment-rich product. The latter gifts strands with an intense colour and natural shine. A large 290 ml bottle is going to last very long.

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