My new collection by MAC Cosmetics: Snowball Mini Lipstick Kit


No doubt about this, the winter is coming. For that reason, I decided to look for cosmetics which could help me survive cold days and, at the same time, completely turn my daily make-up around. And this is how I came across MAC Cosmetics, Snowball Mini Lipstick Kit. Won’t this year’s winter be that harsh?

How does MAC Cosmetics kit look like?

The lipsticks are closed in a big, oblong case of fair pink and gold colour. The box shimmers with thousands of particles when exposed to light, which creates the seasonal holiday-ish and winter atmosphere even more. Inside the box there are 12 lipsticks in their travel size versions, all of beige, pink, red and purple colours. I’m sure that each of you will take liking in the beauty products. Also, I believe that you will make a good use of the lipsticks and match them to various important life events and different types of make-ups.

Lipsticks by MAC Cosmetics – What are these?

To start with, cosmetics comprising Snowball Mini Lipstick Kit have cream consistency. Thanks to this feature, the products by MAC cover lips evenly, deliver intensive colour and beautify every make-up you decide to apply. Moreover, they provide slightly shimmering finish which contributes to lips looking bigger and fuller. What I do like about the lipsticks is their size; they fit into any possible purse or make-up bag. Thanks to this feature, you can carry the lipsticks everywhere you go: to work, university or even on a trip so you can apply touch-ups any place it would appear to be necessary.

How to do make-up with MAC Cosmetics?

There’s nothing tricky about this. Lipsticks that belong to Snowball Mini Lipstick Kit has to be applied alike any other similar products. However, if you would like to obtain more intensive colour, use a lipstick twice. Put on two layers of the product to enjoy vivid and defined colour that emphasizes your beautiful make-up.

What about you, Girls? How do you apply winter make-up? Which cosmetics do you use on cold and frosty days? I’m waiting for your comments. Take care!

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