I Washed My Face with Water Only for a Month! Results Are Shocking!

What do you use for face washing? It is probably a gel, foam or other cleanser. I’ve got my favorite face wash too but I decided on an experiment. I got inspired by my husband! My morning and evening routines involve multiple stages but still imperfections appear on my face from time to time. On the other hand, my husband uses nothing but… water (sometimes he adds some soap). As you probably guess, his complexion is much better than mine. That’s why I gave it a go! I used only water for morning face wash for a month. In the post you will see why I went for this experiment, what results I noticed and if I recommend washing the skin with water only.

How do I wash my face with just water?

I must first say I used water for face washing only in the morning. I stuck to my old evening routine, using make-up remover and cleanser, and following with a toner and moisturizer. I can’t imagine giving up on them because I would feel my make-up isn’t removed fully. Of course when I stayed at home all day make-up free, then water was enough even in the PM. When it comes to the temperature of water, it’s lukewarm, neither too cold nor hot. I dampened the face and massaged it using circular motions. After a minute or so I could feel the skin was clean. My face never felt not fully washed or coarse. I always used a toner afterwards.

Why did I try washing my face with water alone?

I decided on that because I often test new products and unfortunately my skin doesn’t click with some of them. My frustration is growing when I spot new imperfections. That’s why I figured that my tap water was good for face washing – after all it’s fit to drink. I was right! Note: my skin is dry and I don’t know how this method works for oily or sensitive complexion.

Shocking effects of washing face with water alone

The results made my jaw drop! To be honest, on the one hand, I hoped my skin would get better, but, on the other hand, I was scared that water wouldn’t handle the oil excess, dust or it would dehydrate my dry skin. Thankfully it didn’t!

Shocking and spectacular results I got after washing my face with water only for a month:

  • much softer skin
  • zero new imperfections
  • clear skin
  • smoother face

Do I recommend using only water for face washing?

I definitely do! The results may really shock you. They did shock me! I believe it is an amazing skin detox. Of course you don’t need to do the experiment for a full month. You can start with a week for example. I’m curious if you’re going to like this kind of morning skin care routine.

Please let me know what you think of washing the face with only water. Are you up for a challenge? Have you ever tried it?

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