Camouflage Make-Up with Bobbi Brown BBU Face Palette


I’ve been a happy owner of Bobbi Brown BBU Face Palette for some time. Finally, all products for make-up, contouring and camouflaging blemishes in one place. Applying make-up has never been easier!

Bobbi Brown Palette is really mind-blowing!

BBU Face Palette is a small case that opens like a book. The palette includes 12 shades of concealers, 14 shades of contouring products and 20 shades of foundation. They’re all available as full-size products in the Bobbi Brown offer. You can find the descriptions of products in two charts on the official website. Concealers and products for face contouring are on the left side of the palette whereas foundations are on the right side. BBU Face Palette includes lots of shades, ranging from the very light and easily blendable to the very dark hues.

Are BBU Face Palette products good?

They’re said to be one of the best make-up products. I haven’t made it to test all shades but believe me, the ones I’ve used are brilliant. Their consistency is quite sticky but they seemed weightless after applying. No creasing. They give a nice coverage and are gentle for the eyes and the skin around them.

What’s the best application method?

Before applying the concealer or foundation, make sure the skin is moisturised. For stronger coverage, apply products layer by layer. In this way, you’ll get a natural effect; blemishes and acne will be invisible. Removing the products is very easy, too. Wipe the face with a favourite micellar water or make-up remover. After a moment, the skin should be clean and ready for next stages of care.

What are your favourite concealers, foundations and face contouring products? 

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