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Hit or Miss? Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation


Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation has been launched quite recently. It’s a multitasking product but is it effective? Read the review to find out if the new Max Factor cosmetic is worth your attention.

Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation

Max Factor Foundation doesn’t just let you create make-up but also fulfils many other functions. Firstly, it delivers the right hydration from the very application till removing the make-up. Secondly, Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle ensures the sun protection. The foundation contains SPF 20 which holds back wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Thirdly, the product absorbs the excess of sebum and prevents the unhealthy shine, giving the matte finish. Fourthly, Max Factor Foundation includes vitamins that nourish the skin. I guess that’s the end of the benefits.

Max Factor Foundation – hit or miss?

The consistency is a definite plus of Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle. The fluid and mild formula makes the application easier. Applied the right way, the foundation doesn’t leave streaks or spots. Too bad the product gets darkened after a few hours of wear and even the lightest hue doesn’t look aesthetic. To make things worse, the foundation fails to give a full coverage and emphasizes imperfections. Besides, you must put a lot of effort to get the right shade. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of you had to mix two hues or add some moisturiser. You may as well experiment with a primer or professional products that change shades of foundations.

How I applied Max Factor Foundation?

The product comes with a pump. I applied it with an angled brush. Even though I used minimal quantities, the foundation would get darker after some time. That’s funny cause I had the lightest shade – 40 Light Ivory. Other offered colors include Golden, Sand, Natural, Beige and Nude. For setting the makeup, I used a transparent powder (one tone lighter than Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle).

Have you already had a chance of trying the foundation out? 

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