How to pamper your feet?

They carry us everywhere – they have to travel long distances on a daily basis, they must bear patiently every trip to the shopping mall;) We force them to run, jump, wear heels or heavy winter trekking shoes.

As you all can see, our feet do not have an easy life. If we purge them of proper care – they might start to revolt against us. We must not forget to treat them well not only in summer when exposing them to the world wearing sandals or flipflops. In order to maintain feet’s proper condition, we must remember them in your daily beauty routines. This way they will always look beautiful, you will no longer suffer from callous. Therefore, it is recommended to provide a nourishing and moisturising treatment at least once a week.

If your feet are far from perfect at the moment – do not panic. I will tell you how to regenerate and make them beautiful in no time (well, give it about an hour;)

How to pamper your feet? A quick and easy guide to obtain smooth heels and ideal toenails

1. Foot Bath 

Add some bath salt to a basin filled with warm water. The minerals and vitamins, as well as menthol, will perfectly soften, refresh and relax your feet. The best product will contain high mineral content (preferably Dead Sea Salt). However, if at the moment, you do not have any drugstore preparations, you might as well reach for the kitchen salt as it also has minerals. What is more, it is a good idea to add a few drops of natural oil or a pea-size amount of shower gel.  Soak your feet for no longer than 15 minutes at once.

2. Foot Scrub

Once the water in your basin starts getting cool, you can go ahead and start exfoliating. You can use a homemade scrub, for example, the mixture of sugar and olive or some honey and cinnamon. If you decide to use a drugstore product always make sure to buy the one with nourishing ingredients. When exfoliating your feet, make sure to focus on any callous and cuticles around your toenails. In my case, it takes about 3-5 minutes. Next, I rinse them under clean water and dry with a towel. However, be aware that if your skin is extremely callous and thick, the peeling might not be enough. Then, you will have to go in with a special foot file and polish the skin where it is necessary (usually heels). I also like to use a natural hammam pumice – it’s made of red clay rich in minerals (magnesium, selenium, zinc and iron) from the Atlas Mountain. The product should not be used on dry skin. Another recommended alternative is the volcanic pumice – black and unbreakable;) It is said that one is enough for a lifetime. Personally, I haven’t used it yet, so please let me know if you like it and recommend it:)

3. Best method for beautiful toenails

After the bath, your toenails are soft and easy to shape. I like to file them, but if you prefer, feel free to cut using the special scissors. If you are a fan of files like me, remember that for wet nails, it is better to use a glass one – it is more gentle and will prevent splitting. What is more, I rub a drop of my favourite natural oil into the nail plate. I might use a conditioner from time to time. This is my recipe for beautiful nails, I cannot do without my oil for nails and cuticles:)

4. Foot Mask

If you do not have any special foot masks at home, you can just apply a generous amount of a thick foot cream. There were times when my feet needed all-night regeneration and I used a universal cream – Nivea. In this case, I put on cotton socks and went to sleep. In the morning, my feet were soft, moisturised and smoooooth:) You do not have to keep the mask on throughout the entire night if you o not feel comfortable. 15 to 20 minutes will suffice. Next, you can either rinse it with water or wipe it off with a tissue because they are mostly absorbed by the skin. A majority of foot masks make your feet smooth, soft and brightened.

5. Beautiful toenails – painting 

Before you go in with a nail polish, always make sure that the nail plate is clean and dry. To prevent it from damage and becoming yellow, apply a layer of a base. Such primer is usually clear and provides protection, regenerates and extends the lifespan of a nail polish.

6. A Cream, A Spray, An antiperspirant and talc

Rub in a foot cream whenever you can and as often as you can. Drugstores offer wide ranges of such products dedicated to various problems. If you struggle with excessive sweating – look for a cream with an antiperspirant. Talc and sprays will be very useful during the day as well. I simply put some into my shoes (especially the winter ones) to keep my feet dry and fresh throughout the day. What is more, a foot deodorant increases hygiene, protects against scrapes and burns, inhibits sweating and guarantees freshness.

Furthermore, the owners of dry feet who struggle with cracking heels should exfoliate dead skin cells more often followed by using a thick, rich and nourishing cream – preferably in the form of a serum. It is a good idea to use special exfoliating socks available in drugstores. Be prepared that the entire process takes a few days, during which time, the skin will be flaky until it is fully gone. After a few days, you will have baby skin on your feet;) However, you will have to put away your sandals for the time being;)

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