Portable hair salon? Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask review

Have you ever happened to ruin your hair by exposing it to some highly destructive treatments at home? For example, did you use some poor-quality hair dyes or set the blow dryer to HIGH and direct this extremely hot air stream to the strands? What about a flat iron – are you fond of it? Well, I’ve happened to color my hair at home recently with a doubtful dye, but this is not all. Sadly, I have to acknowledge more of my wrongdoings to you. It was more than once when being very tired I just hit my bed with wet hair thinking “Oh, come what may!” And it came… a disaster.

Luckily, I don’t have to bother about it any longer because I’m a happy owner of Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask – the best at-home hair treatment!

Nanoil hair mask with keratin

Seriously, I’m not exaggerating when saying that this is a portable hair salon. There is no better treatment for hair than keratin. And the one sold by Nanoil seems to be just perfect. For those of you who don’t know it yet, keratin is a natural building block of hair, and when our hair lacks this essential constituent then… well… woe betide to anyone who doesn’t supply their hair with keratin regularly! Okay, but to be more serious now, keratin is really powerful and you can expect it to reinforce, reconstruct and improve the appearance of your hair. If added to a high quality hair care product, it works wonders! The good news is that you don’t longer have to arrange a visit at a hairdresser to get keratin hair treatment done because there are other ways to beautify, reinforce and revive hair.

With Nanoil, arranging your own home hair salon is a piece of cake. I’ve already enriched my weekly hair care routine with this keratin hair mask by Nanoil. I treat my hair with it in the middle of a week because weekend is already booked for hair oil treatment (actually I also ordered the natural oils from Nanoil website).

Stuff you should know about keratin hair mask by Nanoil

Believe me or not but this is the best hair mask you can possibly have. I guess, I’ve already told you that but I didn’t explain why I think so. So, without further ado, let me enumerate you all the benefits of Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask:


This deeply regenerating hair mask by Nanoil owes its action to hair-rebuilding keratin and hair-conditioning panthenol. A short list of ingredients that lacks any unwanted substances, artificial colorants and potentially harmful substances is what I was looking for. This is a highly specialized hair care product that creates fast and apparent effects.


Nanoil keratin hair mask is strikingly lightweight and non-overburdening. These two positive features make Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask perfect even for thin and fine hair that lacks volume. Obviously, even if your hair is normal or oily, this hair mask should suit you equally well. It penetrates hair unbelievably fast.


If you for some reason think that this keratin hair treatment is time-consuming, than you’re wrong. I remember myself having a thing for some weird hair care products that required me to apply them in a some strange way, that made me spend plenty of time and use some foil and other gadgets, that had to be warmed up by a blow dryer and all that jazz. Of course, in most cases I used to put them somewhere at the back of my shelf because despite having the eagerness to use them, I simply lacked the time. In the case of Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask, you need just 15 minutes and that is all.


Which means that the way of obtaining Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask is convenient. After ordering it online, you get it delivered faster than you think. I guess, the next time I press “BUY”, a delivery guy will be standing on my doorstep knocking at my door with the Nanoil cosmetics 🙂 The hair mask was shipped securely so the product wasn’t damaged.


Do you expect to pay much for such an amazing hair care product? Here comes some good news because Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask costs little. I think that once you shop for this keratin mask, you will also find other Nanoil products quite tempting. What products? For example, Charcoal & White Tea Hair Mask or natural beauty oils.

What effects can you expect to achieve with Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask?

If you are systematic in using Nanoil Hair Oil (at least once a week), you can notice the hair care product:

  • reinforces, fixes hair structure and improves resilience.
  • reduces brittleness and prevents splitting.
  • protects against possible damage.
  • maintains hydration and nourishment.
  • makes hair thicker.
  • intensifies the natural colour and shine of hair.
  • disciplines and eases daily hair styling.


If your hair is severely damaged then you should consider doing the following things:

  1. adding a dash of natural beauty oil (e.g. argan oil) to Nanoil hair mask
  2. using the mask more often than once a week, e.g. every 4-5 day
  3. applying the mask in the form of emulsifier (i.e. the last step of hair oil treatment)
  4. letting it sit on hair longer than 15 minutes. I rinse it when an episode of Stranger Things finishes 🙂

These are all the reasons why I heartily recommend you Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask. I’ve used many deeply regenerating hair masks in my life, some of them had keratin but none of them gave me as much as Nanoil did.

Let me just give you the last piece of information that has to be mentioned. Nanoil launched five hair masks for professional at-home hair treatment. Just like in all the remaining Nanoil beauty products, the ingredients used to compose Nanoil hair masks have high quality and are responsible for delivering fast and long-lasting effects.

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