which mascara is the best?

Beautiful And Long Lashes All Day Long. These Mascaras Passed The Test!

I never complained about my natural eyelashes. However, the effect I could achieve with the help of false lashes was what I expected. However, I didn’t want to agonize every day with their tightening, so I decided to find the perfect mascara that would get me closer to the desired results in just a few minutes. Check out which mascaras I can recommend!

Why mascara and not eyelash extensions?

I realize that nowadays many women are opting for semi-permanent lash extensions. I also tried them for some time. However, I quickly learned that this solution is neither economical nor extremely practical either. Several hours in a chair at a high cost, and then more appointments for refills effectively discouraged me.

For the reasons mentioned above, I decided to find and invest in a mascara that would allow me to achieve the desired results. Of course, I had the test of drugstore mascaras behind me, let me just say they did not always work. This time, when buying a mascara, I wanted it to:

  • allow me to build up the coverage and the effect of longer and thicker lashes
  • nourish my lashes
  • last without smudging or wearing off

So check out which mascaras actually met my expectations!

Mascaras that, in my opinion, deserve your attention!

Choosing the perfect mascara was not easy. I tested many products that more or less fit my needs. In the end, I managed to choose my TOP 4, which I can recommend to you with a clear conscience!

1. Nanolash mascara

nanolash mascara

There can be only one best mascara and without a doubt for me it is Nanolash mascara. The 10 ml mascara features an incredibly smooth formula. The perfectly shaped silicone brush immediately caught my attention and allowed me to coat even the shortest lashes in the inner eye corner.

The Nanolash mascara comes in two versions, which I consider a huge advantage. I could choose between Nanolash Volume Up Mascara – a thickening mascara, and Nanolash Length & Curl Mascara – a lengthening and curling mascara.

I noticed that I can build up the coverage with this mascara which is another bonus. Nanolash mascara did not flake or smudge, even when exposed to moisture. Because of this, this is the product that deserved the first place in my ranking.

2. Lashcode Mascara

The next place in my ranking goes to Lashcode Mascara. It is an efficient, effective, and recommended product. Lashcode Mascara also comes with a silicone brush that separates the lashes very well. The product also surprised me with its safe and natural formula.

The mascara stayed on my lashes all day without any problems. I didn’t notice any flakiness or smudging. My eyelashes looked impressively long and thick without any clumps or sticky finish.

3. Isadora Flashing Volume Mascara

Next up is another product. This time it is Isadora Flashing Volume Mascara. This is a fairly long-wear mascara that does not crumble or flake. However, high temperatures become a problem. Then the mascara begins to leave the unsightly panda eye effect.

The application was a bit more difficult than with the Nanolash mascara. The brush is quite short and difficult to operate. However, following the application, the eyelashes looked longer and thicker. The fact is, however, that I had to apply several coats of product to get a satisfactory effect.

4. Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara

The next place goes to Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara. This is a product from a fairly renowned brand and it stayed on my lashes for a very long time. I didn’t notice any noticeable flakiness at the end of the day.

The brush is quite long but has very short and stiff bristles. Because of this, the application itself becomes a bit more difficult. Nevertheless, the lashes actually looked long and defined. The mascara from Max Factor is a relatively good product, although it’s nothing special compared to the Nanolash mascara.

How can I summarise my ranking?

My goal, while preparing this ranking, was to select a winning mascara that lived up to my expectations. Without question, it is the mascara from Nanolash, which, in my opinion, has no competition. The silicone brush and safe formula undoubtedly set this mascara apart from others.

Of course, the other products, especially Lashcode Mascara, are also worthy of your attention. I could not say anything bad about them, except for minor imperfections.

Nevertheless, each of you should choose a mascara that perfectly suits your preferences and needs. It is worth considering the product formulas as well as the possible results. By considering these factors, you should make the best decision for you and bring out the full potential of your eyes

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