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DIY Lash Extension Kits – Bop or Flop?

Recently, DIY lash extensions have become increasingly popular beauty products. These false cluster lashes are applied underneath your natural lashes. This makes the whole application much easier. Since my natural eyelashes are short and sparse, I decided to test whether an at-home lash extension kit would really be such a hit as it proclaims to be. I immediately decided to check how the products of top brands differ.

DIY lash extension kit allows you to apply the lashes in minutes

Before I tell you how my tests went and which of the eyelash extension kits turned out to be a total hit, here are a few words about why I chose this method.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with beautiful natural eyelashes, which is why I have tested a lot of regular cluster lashes so far. Despite some skills, I can never manage to put them on properly, so I was looking for another solution. Besides, it takes so much time. That’s how I came across the Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit and other sets like the Intro Starter Kit from Lilac St and the Falscara Starter Kit from the KISS brand.

Thanks to DIY lashes, I found that it doesn’t have to take half an hour to create spectacular makeup. Testing different products, however, I noticed that a lot depends on the brand. The best kits allow you to enhance your lashes in just 10 minutes, and with zero skills! Experience for yourself how easy it is. I’ve already tried and I know that lash extensions have never been se easy.

Eyelash extension starter kits I tested! Ranking

To really be able to judge whether DIY lashes are a bop or flop, I decided to test 6 different products. What’s more, each lash extension kit comes from a top brand, which means the quality of the cluster lashes should be very good. I also expected this after checking the user reviews. Was it actually the case? Not really…

1. Nanolash DIY EYELASH EXTENSIONS Starter Kit

I was tried the Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit. I know the brand very well, so I couldn’t wait to test these lashes out. Fortunately, the package arrived promptly.

Cluster lashes for self application (DIY) - starter kit

The Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit includes:

  • 36 cluster lashes – 10, 12, and 14 mm,
  • a bonder,
  • a sealer,
  • a remover,
  • an applicator.

The eyelash-styling starter kit from Nanolash can be purchased with cluster lashes in as many as eight styles. The choice depends on whether you want the effect to be subtle or to achieve impressive volume. I chose the HEARTBREAKER style. After the application, I was very happy with my choice. The eyelashes gave my look a lovely boost. What’s more, they lasted as long as a week. However, I cared for them properly every day, which I recommend you to do as well.

I found information that it takes just 10 minutes to apply these lashes. I wasn’t entirely convinced that I would be able to apply them so quickly. I was even more surprised when I did it in about 8 minutes.

2. Tatti Lashes Invisi-Lash Kit

After the positive impression I got from the kit from Nanolash, I was even more eager to test the second one. This time it was the Tatti Lashes brand. The Invisi-Lash Kit provides 7 available styles of lash extensions to choose from. I like the Haute Couture most.

The cluster lashes from Tatti can be purchased with black strips, but there is also a version with transparent strips to choose from. I chose the second option.

In addition to them, the starter kit includes:

  • Invisi-Lash Bond,
  • Seal Glue,
  • a small brush,
  • an applicator.

When I moved on to the application, I had no major problems with it. In addition, the lashes looked nice and stayed on well. One case was enough for 7 applications. To some it may seem like a lot, but to be honest, I expected to use them longer. However, the Invisi-Lash Kit also lacked a remover, which meant I had to treat the clusters as if they were single-use.

3. Lilac St Intro Starter Kit

Next, I gave the Lilac St. brand lash kit a go. The Intro Starter Kit contains a total of up to 30 cluster lashes. Like the professional lash extension kit from Nanolash, they come in three sizes – 10, 12, and 14 mm.

The Intro Starter Kit includes:

  • Lilac Lash Glue in Clear
  • Lilac Lash Applicator
  • Crystal Coat.

After opening the package, I was very pleasantly surprised. The lashes were soft, looked lightweight, and were set on black strips. Unfortunately, they were not as easy to use as the previous ones, which made it take me a bit longer to apply them. It took about 15 minutes.

On the manufacturer’s website, I found some information that you can sleep wearing them without any problem. I did so, too. The clusters clung well to my natural lashes for 5 days. I bought them on a special offer, so I was quite satisfied, but if I had paid the regular price, I would say I overpaid.

4. KISS Falscara Starter Kit

Another lash extension kit I tested was the Falscara Starter Kit by KISS. Compared to Nanolash or Lilac St products, one thing that strikes you right away is that it contains just 10 clusters. I generally use 4 to 5 clusters per eye for one application, which made it enough for just one lash look.

Apart from the lashes, the Kiss brand provides:

  • BOND,
  • SEAL,
  • an applicator.

Personally, I missed the remover in the whole set, as well as the product to secure the lashes overnight. You can find information that these lashes are reusable, but due to the lack of the previously mentioned products, it’s hard to care for them so that you can use them longer. I was a bit disappointed by this. However, I will admit that I was able to put them on quite efficiently, and the effect was really good.

5. Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit

Another kit is the Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit. The included lashes should last up to 5 days. I made sure they didn’t stick together every day, plus I didn’t rub them, and indeed after I put them on on Thursday, I didn’t have to take them off until Monday. This is largely due to the fact that Glamnetic, exactly like Nanolash, included a remover and sealer in its kit.

The kit comes with a choice of different styles of lashes. It also includes a Bonder and an applicator. As you probably already know, I appreciate the natural look, so I was a bit disappointed after opening the package. The lash clusters in this set do not look like a premium product. Because of this, the makeup effect was far from natural and I didn’t feel like myself wearing them.

6. Lashify Starter Kit

Finally, I figured I should see how Lashify’s DIY lashes would differ from the others. They definitely have a higher price tag, so by design they should be the best. After opening the package, it turned out, the clusters were very nice and are soft, making them look deceptively like real lashes.

The application was super fast in this case. What’s more, the cluster lashes lasted for 5 days on my eyes. However, this is the end of the advantages. After all, the whole set contains only 10 clusters, which means that despite the great quality, I wouldn’t choose to buy it again.

DIY lashes will definitely stay with me for a long time, just which ones?

Actually, with each kit, I was relatively satisfied with the results, although there were some that had definitely more disadvantages than advantages. After testing all the products, I was able to identify my favorite. For me, the best lash extensions starter kit is the Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit. All the products included in the kit are of great quality, and its price, compared to the one from Lashify, was not exorbitant.

I hope that you, too, will be tempted to test DIY eyelash extensions, because, for me, there is no solution that is more convenient. I leave the choice of the kit to you though.

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