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Flawless Eyelashes! Lashcode Mascara – Instant Care & Volume

To the ones who are interested – enjoy the cosmetic dessert! Today the review of the makeup success – Lashcode mascara. Why is the product my blog’s guest? Read on to find out all details.

My eyelashes had a hard time when I got a Chinese mascara for birthday and tried it out of curiosity. It worked quite well in makeup but sadly my lashes suffered a lot… the very thick mascara was so hard to wash off that while removing makeup I lost most lashes whereas the ones left looked miserable…

Lashcode rating

Then, my colleague recommended Lashcode. Her eyelashes look mind-blowing with the strong and skillfully applied makeup. I also like smoky eyes so I decided to buy the mascara and test it!

Ingredients/ Formula/ Effects

Lashcode is a very positive surprise! It defines and separates lashes much better than the iconic Chanel or mascaras with odd wands like Givenchy.

Women – like me – value quality and durability most and Lashcode is spectacular in this case. It ensures extension and volume, defining my lashes with an intense blackness and velvety pigments after applying the first layer. Effects can be emphasized with next layers. No worries – Lashcode doesn’t leave lashes sticking together.

Maskara Lashcode - before and after

Thanks to Lashcode, my eyelashes:

  • have multiplied volume,
  • are visibly longer and thicker,
  • are defined in a very natural and expressive way,
  • give eyes a very feminine shape,
  • gain power for growth,
  • no longer fall out because they are stronger; the mascara is easy to remove.
Lashcode - formula
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After several hours the effect is as perfect as right after the application. Among non-waterproof mascaras, Lashcode is the only flake-free and smudge-free one. Although I keep touching my eyes – due to allergy, watery eyes and itching – makeup stays flawless.

Another thing that must be mentioned – Lashcode is composed of the best nutritional ingredients and thanks to them, it conditions eyelashes throughout the day. Conclusion? The first time we don’t need to worry a mascara will weigh down and damage our lashes. It will work the other way round. Lashcode includes six substance essential for eyelashes.

Soy Sprout Extract – stimulates eyelash growth, moisturises and adds shine.

Wheat Sprout Extract – regenerates, smooths and delivers resilience.

Baicalin – slows down ageing and protects.

Panthenol – reinforces, smooths and nourishes.

Vitamin E – shields lashes and bulbs from oxygenation.

Arginine – facilitates absorption of nutrients and blocks falling out.

application - Lashcode

Rating: 10/10

For the time being, it’s my favourite mascara and I’ve been using for two months almost every day. It still offers the same benefits and qualities; spreads on lashes as the brand new one. One tube is supposed to last six months of use. The mascara is really cost-effective. I value Lashcode most for the long-lasting and amazing effects. To me, it’s an ideal makeup finishing cosmetic – for the evening, defined look or delicate and casual makeup.

17 Comments “Flawless Eyelashes! Lashcode Mascara – Instant Care & Volume”

  1. Velma82

    100% volume, 100% eyelash extension, 100% curl, 100% incredible make-up 🙂

  2. Trisha

    the finest mascara I’ve ever used so far!

  3. Not-Me

    I was encouraged to buy this mascara due to positive opinions of bloggers and the shape of the brush. The applicator is really superb, it reaches corners of the eyes and the short lashes. The mascara doesn’t smudge eyelids despite extending lashes condiderably. Surely, I’m going to buy another package of Lashcode.

  4. ArizonaDream

    The absolute mascara! what it does to my short, shitty eyelashes is just beyond my comprehension. It lengthens, adds body and lifts them, the effect is just out of this world, yet natural. Even my bf noticed that my lashes are longer 🙂 The marvel of the year 🙂

  5. Nada_Dee

    does it really work like an eyelash serum?

  6. Blanche987

    I’ve tested Lashcode and I decided to stick with it. It doesn’t have any drawbacks, at least for me. Givenchy was fairly ok but it dries out fast, so what’s the point?

    • Nicky_Nikki

      Givenchy is great, although, I have to admit that I really want to test Lashcode after reading this review 🙂

  7. DesertRose

    I expected absolutely spectacular effect after reading all the reviews but I noticed nothing like that happening to my eyelashes. They are clearly defined and curved but I guess I was looking forward to obtaining something more than that. Anyway, I really like this intensive black colour of the mascara.

  8. katty89

    I just can’t stand the effect of clumped, bold lashes therefore I find Lashcode as a perfect match. It maximally lengthens lashes and thickens them and still keep them separated. The effect of false lashes appears after 2 or 3 coats, but the ‘false’ lashes look really good 🙂

  9. Sonya_Fragelis

    Definately, this is my cosmetic fav!

  10. s.k.

    Where can I buy it?

  11. BlackSwan

    This mascara is almost perfect! Let me start with stating that my lashes are long and pretty by nature and I don’t need any MAX mascara but once I coated my lashes with Lashcode I knew I wouldn’t change it for any other similar product 🙂 the outcome is really stunning. Besides, the issue that I consider really crucial is the fact that mascara keeps the lashes in good condition. Perfect 😉

  12. Violetta_si

    I’m ignorant about ingredients used in cosmetics. While buying this product I was led by the way it looks on lashes. But believe me there’s something with thsi conditioning features of Lashcode because it’s fourth month since I’m using this mascara and I observe my eyelashes becoming soft and moisturised. Love it! 🙂

    • Gretchen

      makeup removal is the worst! I used to have a superb mascara which looked superb on eyelashes but the evening makeup removal was a disaster!!

      • Sonya_Fragelis

        Lashcode is easy to remove, you can wipe it off using a delicate micellar lotion.

        • eve.

          I can confirm that 🙂 it’s truly easy to remove in spite of the fact that during a day Lashcode action can be compared to a waterproof mascara 🙂

  13. LaurieBlack

    #1 for me


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