My skincare with Image Skincare: Reconstructive Repair Creme (two months later)

Hi Girls!

It’s two months, today, since I started using Reconstructive Repair Creme by Image Skincare. The treatment turned out to be a great success! About the effects I will tell a little bit later. First, I want to discuss how I used this cream. I think that the treatment results are also determined by other factors: regularity, basic face skincare and application method. Let’s begin!

I used Reconstructive Repair Creme by Image Skincare… three times a week. You think that’s too often as for the cosmetic containing acids? Well, on the contrary. This cream contains only 10% mix of glycolic and kojic acid. What is more, I combined Reconstructive Repair Creme with deeply moisturising cream with hyaluronic acid. The entire thing, I rubbed in a clean skin of face, neck and cleavage after performing peeling first; I also used face mask with green clay. Rub product in with circular motion until the skin will be dry and smooth. If you perform massage, it will additionally improve skin firmness, speed up absorption of ingerdients in cream, boost blood circulation in skin cells. Remember to avoid eyes and lips area. Skin in these parts is extremely delicate and sensitive. Even if you use calming and moisturising cosmetics during the treatment, it can still be irritated and red.

Reconstructive Repair Creme by Image Skincare has yellow-golden colour, very pleasing scent and light consistency. No matter if you apply it along with other cosmetic, or not, the application is truly quick and simple. Cream absorbs immediately and does not leave greasy layer on the skin surface. One pump is enough for the skin renewal treatment. Always store Reconstructive Repair Creme in a dark place. It is time for the best part, the effects!

Unfortunately, it is hard for me to tell whether after two months, Reconstructive Repair Creme, helped with collagen and elastin production. I also won’t be able to say whether the firmness of my skin improved; it is firm enough to make it difficult to determine. Nonetheless, some wrinkles are flatter and discolourations lighter. Pores in my skin are less visible; there is not as much dirt in them as it was before the treatment. Right after application, skin is smooth and perfectly moisturised. You just want to keep on touching it. What is more, it is much better for me to take care of face, neck and cleavage skin. Creams I use prior to make-up absorb better and are easier to administer. Obviously, I have never eased up on full make-up. However, I think that correct removal of make-up foundation, eye shadows and powder is also of great significance in skincare. Just think about it: each small particle of make-up cosmetic would block ingredients from Reconstructive Repair Creme, that would want to get to the deeper skin layers. Then the entire treatment would be for nothing…

What about you girls? Do you use any professional cosmetics? Or maybe you have some other methods for complex skin cleanse and nourishment?

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