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Looking For The Best Brow Gel? My Review Of The Iconic Nanobrow Lamination Gel

Hi there,

Are you wondering which is the best eyebrow gel? I found an iconic one I can absolutely not complain about! Nanobrow Lamination Gel allows me to fully control my eyebrows and style them so flawlessly that I’m really impressed and pleasantly surprised every time I do my brow makeup! Sounds good, right? Here’s my review of the Nanobrow brow gel 🙂 Enjoy! <3

I’m going to reveal how to determine the best eyebrow gel using the Nanobrow gel as an example as it met all my expectations and criteria. Let’s go!

Nanobrow Lamination Gel – why do I consider it the best?

1. It comes with a great wand that NEVER fails.

Listen up, everyone who is looking for a great spoolie in eyebrow makeup products. This is my one and only – my greatest love and works well on all brow types. It works reliably and even if you have thick and bushy eyebrows, this brush will ALWAYS work.
In general, I advise choosing silicone brushes for applying brow gel, because they separate and shape the brows very well and this ensures the best effects. The Nanobrow Lamination Gel brush separates the brows without sticking them together, and thanks to the proper arrangement of the bristles you don’t have to worry about product build-up or clumps. Rest assured: you’re holding a pro in your hands! 🙂

eyebrow lamination gel for beautiful eyebrows

2. The consistency is perfect for eyebrows

Dear readers, remember that a decent brow gel should not be too thick, because it will not apply properly, nor too runny as it won’t produce the desired effect. That’s why I’m happy to announce the formula of Nanobrow Lamination Gel is really great and properly refined as it coats each hair, without leaving any clumps or residue 🙂 It ensures makeup without sticking brow hairs together.

3. Nanobrow is a gel that CONDITIONS eyebrows

For real! In addition to makeup, you gain protection and brow care as a bonus. Ingredients such as a polymer that maintains hydration and hydrogenated castor oil – already iconic for brow care, conditions brow hairs every time you apply this gel on your eyebrows. Sounds good, right? Obviously!

4. Nanobrow Lamination Gel IS VERY LONG-WEAR

It truly sets the brows efficiently and keeps them in check, ensuring your makeup lasts all day. It doesn’t smudge, even during extreme temperatures or a work-out 🙂 Probably, I can even handle the gym. However, you can easily wash it away without any problems or rubbing that could damage brow hairs. Many other gels, unfortunately, require strong rubbing.

5. The Nanobrow brow gel comes in LOVELY shades

There is also a transparent version if you prefer. The shades are very refined and there are no weird ones that would look cartoonish on the eyebrows, and trust me, I have encountered such shades before: strangely orangey or reddish

how to use eyebrow lamination gel

How to use the Nanobrow brow gel?

In my case, I use it on its own, as part of my regular daily makeup routine but I also can’t imagine my evening makeup routine, for a big night out, without it. Nanobrow Lamination Gel comes in very handy when I fancy bolder makeup as it sets my brows and prevents smudging while defining my arches, ensuring my makeup looks super precise.

Before the application, I like to brush through my brows with a clean spoolie to give them the desired shape. I apply the Nanobrow gel from the nose side and gently brush the hairs with the direction of their growth or slightly upward. I’m sure you’ll do great with it! Good luck and until the next one! <3

More at www.nanobrow.us

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