5 home remedies for obtaining snow-white smile. How do I do this?

We’re flooded with advertisements of wonderful products and treatments that guarantee a white smile. I tested most of them and I’m totally positive that the best methods of tooth whitening belong to the natural ones. To make them even better, these methods are cheap and can be applied at home.

Thereupon here I come with a short How-To Guide which I created on the basis on my own experiences with various ways of making teeth white again. Obviously, some of them were less effective, the others were more satisfactory. Anyway, I selected the ones which, in my case, produce the best results. Here is my subjective ranking.

Let me give you a warning: It’s obvious that natural methods of tooth whitening can work differently for various people, therefore I encourage you to give a try to all the methods I’m going to enumerate below yet don’t gear up for 100-percent efficiency because it may happen that you are resistant to a particular product.


1. Enrich your toothpaste with baking soda

It’s often used for cooking therefore it’s cheap and easy-accessible. Baking soda is the best natural means of obtaining white teeth. Try to add a pinch of baking soda to your toothpaste that you’re currently using and brush your teeth with the mixture at least once a day. Let me warn you that this mixture can leave you with unpleasant taste in your mouth if you don’t rinse it off precisely.

2. Fall in love with strawberries

Here is the most pleasant way of making your teeth white. Do you like strawberries? I love them! It turns out that these tiny seeds of the fruit are great at removing discolorations from our teeth, thanks to which, our battle for white teeth is more effective. Try to eat a half of a glass of strawberries a day to obtain better effect of tooth whitening. Tasty and effectively.

3. Limit the cups of coffee you drink daily

Coffee-lovers won’t be probably delighted with this idea but there is nothing much to do with the facts. Coffee, or rather the substances it contains, leaves teeth with ugly stains on. Therefore, I encourage you to resign from drinking coffee. Please, keep in mind that coffee is believed to be destructive for our heart too. At least, try to limit the number of cups you drink during a day and you will prevent your teeth from getting more yellowish. Unfortunately, black tea works alike ;(

4. Brush your teeth after each meal

This is one of the rules that are repeated to us like a broken record since we were kids. Annoyingly enough, we somehow can’t stick to it long. For the good of our teeth, let’s give tooth brushing a try, although the beginnings are always difficult. Fortunately, tooth brushing has become second nature to me and I always carry a toothbrush and a travel size toothpaste with Listerine.

5. Choose natural toothpaste

It’s a good idea to stop by the store shelf for a moment and look for a product that has a more natural composition than the others. Many popular toothpastes contain chemical compounds which aren’t neutral to our organism. It would be better for our denture when we invest our money in a toothpaste that contains natural whitening substances. Thanks to this, you’ll get teeth a few tones brighter.

I’m sending you my snow-white smile!
Bye 🙂

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