Bourjois Rouge Laque – How to use it?


We usually associate high shine with our manicure or pedicure. However, Bourjois decided to change our view on the subject and release new cosmetic for lips — Rouge Laque. Check out on how to use it where the name come from?

What is lip lacquer?

Lip lacquer is a combination of two well-known cosmetics: lipstick and lip gloss. It is product ensuring vivid colour and high gloss make-up finish. Thanks to it, the lips will shine and the pigments contained in the lacquer will provide the expressive colour. Is lip lacquer application difficult? No, because the use is exactly the same as with lip gloss. The effect on lips is obviously way better than the one by lipstick or lip gloss. Lips appear plump, bigger and have an amazing colour.

Bourjois Rouge Laque

It is available in few juicy shades of red, orange and pink. Bourjois Rouge Laque has liquid consistency but is not sticky nor it leaves you with the unpleasant layer on the lips as it is with regular lip gloss. The colour is deep and make-up achieves a glossy finish. The cosmetic has velvety formula so is easily spread on lips. Practically after the application, it dries, does not rub off and is long-lasting. It will work great for every make-up, to begin with, a party look and finish on an everyday look for work.

How to use Bourjois Rouge Laque?

Bourjois Rouge Laque use just like you do the lip gloss. Apply a thin layer to the lips and depending on the effect you want to obtain add next layers. Applicator has angled shape for easier use. Bourjois Rouge Laque provides wet make-up effect.

Did any of you use lip lacquer?

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