NATURATIV Body Balms – My way to natural suntan

Definitely, summer is just around the corner although, it isn’t so obvious when you take a look through the window. Today I can see rain and the weather is rather cool but I’m trying to get the positive attitude since the days full of serene, summer laziness are coming! What is important in this period? To feel and look exceptionally!

Natural suntan before summer

The truth is, most often than not spring brings disappointment. There isn’t much of the longed-for sun that we like to expose our body to so as to catch a little bit of the first spring sun rays and gift the skin with a delicate, peachy shade. This year I unfortunately shock others with white legs that are far from being tanned. I bet it won’t look good with my summer shorts on therefore I’m starting to test other solutions now!

Self-tanning creams, spray on tights, self-tanning towelettes… STOP!

Currently we have more and more products that are supposed to deliver tan to legs in the nick of time. Sadly enough, many of the solutions provide the effects that will disappoint us. I advise you to be careful with all the self-tanning balms, mousses or sprays because frequently they colour skin orange, smell horribly and the shade itself is uneven. Better resign from this solution.

I’ve got something much better for you:

I would like to convince you that self-tanning due to natural substances that Naturativ offers is the best way to obtain pretty-tanned skin. Do you dream about having tanned skin so as no-one would think that it is, let’s say, artificial? It isn’t difficult as far as your reach for Naturativ cosmetics.

The active substances of Naturativ balms are mostly vegetable DHA which is a natural self-tanning substance, protecting and skin balancing carrot oil, strongly moisturising macadamia butter, skin firming sunflower oil, gifting skin with beautiful sun-tan walnut shelf extract, soothing and anti-inflammatory chamomile extract, as well as counteracting the action of free radicals helichrysum extract. Do you know any other equally rich in natural substances self-tanning balm?

We can choose between two products that belong to Naturativ series:

  1. Self-tanning body balm – the basic version for the patient people who have more time and can wait for the effects (that are worth waiting for) a little bit longer.
  2. Self-tanning balm plus bronzer – the version for the exasperated who need the tan effect now because of, for example, some great event that is going to happen soon. Obviously, this product delivers immediate effects, it works as a make-up for the body skin therefore it can be removed just by rinsing it off.

Have you already tested the new products by Naturativ brand?
If yes, you have to leave your reflection below!

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