Monsieur Big or “a big mistake” – New mascara by Lancome. My review

Hi, Girls!

You have expected that this day will come, didn’t you?

You knew that once new high-end mascara will appear, I will immediately get it and test it — especially for you.

New mascara by Lancome with daring name Monsieur Big has quite flattering reviews on the Internet. Was it equally good in my test?

Oh… Monsieur… You brag a little too much, wouldn’t you say? 😉

Girls, may Lancome forgive me, but… it is not worth it. This brand has several beauty daisies in its offer (including Hypnose mascara) and it just can’t get better than this. Unfortunately, Monsieur is more of an average, drug store mascara than the world-class beauty standard.

Instead of creating the chorus of praise for Monsieur Big, I will just describe what is wrong with it.

Why in my opinion is Lancome Monsieur Big a poorly made mascara?

  1. The wand, i.e. the most important thing is here entirely messed up. Simple and hefty, made of synthetic bristle. Ouch 🙁 When you take it out of the bottle, it looks like someone has “splashed” a layer of tar on it. It is covered with the product that has a greasy and sticky formula. You can see it that the wand “cannot take it”.
  2. Because the bristle seems to be weighed down with the mascara, it is obvious that eyelashes — that happen to be way more delicate and thin — will also suffer from Lancome mascara. Monsieur Big is just a “big mistake” — already the first layer treats lashes… so very not like a gentleman 🙂 Every other layer clumps eyelashes more and you are just on your way to creating this spidery legs effect.
  3. Some of you do not pay attention to it, but I do (especially when it comes to the more expensive and prestige ones) — the packaging of the mascara is tacky, childlike and misconceived. The pink and shiny rectangle will scare you miles away and looks ridiculous. Sorry Lancome: I pay — I demand.
  4. A long time ago I stopped getting fooled by the slogans like: 12x thicker lashes… Well, unless you describe the super thick, clumped lumps. Then okay, I am willing to admit that Lancome is right. However, I have never presumed that Lancome will go as far with number manipulation.

In other words: NO.

Monsieur Big is not an iconic nor groundbreaking cosmetic. It will not become the perfection of the year. If you want to try Lancome — choose the true icon, Hypnose.

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