Derma roller in skin care. How to roll back wrinkles and scars?

Hey Girls, 

are you also worried that with time, your skin will start losing firmness and fine lines will begin appear? What to do, in order to make your skin look young, flawless and radiant for longer? Here is my idea: derma roller! Sounds strange? No worries! I will explain everything in detail. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What exactly is derma roller?

Derma roller – it is a tool that stimulates the skin to produce more collagen and elastin – so it boosts skin’s self-healing processes. It looks like a small massage roll with a handy handgrip. However, the roll is filled with tiny needles (mainly made from titanium) in the length range from 0,2 to 1 mm. Their job is to gently prick the skin to trigger regeneration processes and facilitate the absorbance of the nutrients from a cream or serum.

One might start wondering what good will come out from stinging the face with needles? Let me explain.

Dermaroller in action 

The treatment with the use of Derma roller is extremely effective because pricking the skin with needles is more or less, creating controlled inflammation. The word controlled in this case means safe so it is not a threat to our health. It is necessary because the skin produces more collagen, elastin and other substances responsible for regeneration, especially when being damaged.

What is more, Deram roller is the great means whenever we want to speed up the action of a certain cosmetic. When used properly, it helps to transport active substances into deeper layers of the epidermis (through the small holes created by needles). This way the substances are able to reach dermis, and that is why the procedure is so effective.

It turns out that Derma roller is highly recommended to reduce fine lines and scars. However, those are not the only problems the needles can deal with. 🙂

Here are the benefits of using Derma roller:

  • even skin tone;
  • scars and discolouration (for example post-acne spots) are reduced;
  • cleansed and shrank pored;
  • ageing processes slowed down;
  • reduced visibility of stretch marks;
  • firm, resilient and smooth skin;
  • fine lines reduced;
  • reduced cellulite;
  • stimulated blood circulation.

Derma roller – who is it for?

I do not want to point that it is you, you, and her who should reach for Derma Roller. The entire procedure is not the most pleasant feeling you will get and not everyone will be able to afford it. Nevertheless, it is recommended whenever we want to thoroughly revitalise and brighten the complexion. It will work well when dealing with mature skin and in all of the above-mentioned problems (wrinkles, cellulite, blackheads, discolouration and scars). For people who suffered from severe acne (and healed it) and are left with many post-acne scars, this tool can be a real dealbreaker. What is interesting, the use of a proper-sized roller can be a remedy for dark under eye circles and puffiness. To tell you the truth, everyone and each of you will find Derma roller useful regardless whether it is the skin of your face or the entire body.

Of course, there is a group of people who will be advised not to use Derma roller and other similar beauty tools. The most important contraindications toward using it are as follows: severe skin inflammation, allergies, every type of acne (untreated) and all kinds of skin diseases.

Using Derma roller

Even though Derma roller is made to deal with fine lines and scars, it is always better to use it with the assistance of a specialist. One might ask why? After all, it is some sort of interference in the skin structure. Therefore, selecting inappropriate size and length of the needles, incorrect frequency, or ignoring some contraindication can cause more harm than good. I would like to raise your awareness of the risk you might take and encourage you to always consult every face procedure with a professional who will qualify us for the treatment and help to adjust Derma roller to the needs of our skin.

Once we have the correct Derma roller (high-quality that’s important!) It can be used on the face and entire body. How often? It is better not to use it too often otherwise, you will damage your skin. The frequency depends on the length of the needles. The 1mm cannot be used more often than every four weeks. In fact, the treatment is done only once in a while, but the effects are worth the discomfort from time to time. All signs of the procedure heal easily and fade away very quickly.

Many people are curious how to use it on the face and body. The procedure should not be difficult for any of you and it only takes a little time. My advice? Perform the treatment on the day when you are not planning to out because the face will be a bit red.

Derma roller step by step:

  1. Remove your make-up thoroughly.
  2. Optional: you might gently exfoliate your skin.
  3. Disinfect by using a gentle toner.
  4. Disinfect the roller as well.
  5. Roll your face/body firmly but gently and precisely.
  6. Roll each spot max 10 times both ways.
  7. After you’re done, apply a product rich in collagen, hyaluronic acid or vitamins.
  8. Allow your skin to breath and regenerate itself: d o   n o t  put on your make-up.

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