New foundation by Loreal Paris: Glam Beige Cushion


I love practical cosmetics. One of them is a foundation by Loreal Paris, Glam Beige Cushion. Why do I adore this product so much? Read my newest entry to find out. I hope you’ll enjoy reading!

Foundation by Loreal Paris – Cosmetic in a cushion

Indeed, there are a few ‘cushion’ cosmetics. They are very practical and easy to apply. But when it comes to Loreal Paris, Glam Beige Cushion in particular, it’s closed in a white and gold case featuring a mirror and an applicator. To be honest, this cosmetic looks like a cushion damp with a foundation. When you open the case, you’ll notice that the mirror is separated from the cosmetic; and this is where the applicator, a powder puff, is held. Glam Beige Cushion is available in two shades matching either fair or dark complexion.

What are the outcomes provided by Glam Beige Cushion?

This foundation by Loreal Paris evens skin tone, hides skin imperfections and gifts complexion with delicate brownish shade. In my opinion, the cosmetic delivers natural effect and, when applied appropriately, it makes skin smooth, fresh and radiant. Moreover, Loreal Paris foundation, Glam Beige Cushion, doesn’t leave any lumps nor smudges on face and it is easy to apply, so is its removal. Finally, Glam Beige Cushion isn’t comedogenic and it can be used by all girls no matter of their skin type.

How to apply Loreal Paris, Glam Beige Cushion?

First of all, make your face ready by applying either a moisturising cream or a primer. Next, take the puff applicator and press it delicately to the case with the foundation. By stamping the face, distribute the cosmetic all over your skin; thanks to this, you will obtain delicate make-up. If you want the foundation to give you better coverage, put another layer of Glam Beige Cushion on. Finally, fix the make-up using a powder by the same brand, Loreal Paris, Glam Beige Cushion. Of course, don’t forget to coat your lashes with a mascara and apply a lipstick. Your male-up is ready!

Have you already used Loreal Paris, Glam Beige Cushion foundation?

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