Micellar cleanser. Do you really need it?

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I thought that today I’ll tell you a little bit about a seemingly regular skincare product that everyone appears to know… but at the same time they happen to use it incorrectly. Do you know what product I’m describing?

Face toner? No. Face gel? No. Micellar cleanser? Yes!

So, today I’ll do my best to give you all the information you should know about micellar cleansers. After reading this post you will finally know the difference between a micellar cleanser and face toner. You will also know which micellar cleanser is currently the best. Let’s roll!

What is a micellar cleanser?

Well, micellar cleanser is a skincare product that managed to outclass face toners and makeup removers such as cleansing milk. In my opinion, replacing a few skincare products with just one is not okay, especially when it comes to face toners, which I’m going to explain later.

Anyway, micellar cleanser is a really cool skincare product, gentle to the skin, removes makeup easily without causing any irritation. Obviously, it wouldn’t be so powerful if it wasn’t for the micelles, which are perfectly able to attract dirt, dust and cosmetic residues. The best thing about micelles is that they deal with all sorts of dirt, no matter if it’s greasy or dry – they target everything that shouldn’t be on your face and take it off. This is why micellar cleansers are so “hot” right now.


I need to draw your attention to one thing, which is pretty crucial. Micellar cleansers don’t have moisturizing capabilities, therefore your skin may feel tight after being wiped off with a micellar cleanser. For that reason, you should always follow with a face toner or cream.

Is micellar cleanser a replacement for face toner?

Yes, I’ve heard that some people put an equal sign between these two products. I’m afraid that perceiving micellar cleanser as a product that balances the pH of the skin is a little bit too optimistic. This belief has no grounds because micellar cleanser and face toner have little in common. Just look, face toner isn’t destined to take color cosmetics off your skin, whereas micellar cleansers aren’t able to balance skin pH levels. With one product you can get rid of dirt, but you need something else to restore the right pH. For that reason, you should always reach for a face toner after wiping your face with a micellar cleanser.

I love face toner, therefore I use it pretty frequently, actually almost before all skin treatments, including facial scrub and mask. But coming back to the micellar cleanser, after wiping my face with it, I sometimes also use a gel cleanser or foam, then I apply toner.

My TOP micellar cleansers

  1. Bioderma, Sensibio H2O. It’s destined for sensitive skin that is hyper-reactive, but even though mine is combination, I like using it because it seems to be suited to my skin. I like the ingredients.
  2. Yves Rocher, Hydra Végétal. The best thing about this product is the fact that it’s made up of 99% naturally-derived and vegan-friendly ingredients. The key constituent is hottentot-fig extract, a succulent native to South Africa. It takes good care of my skin and relieves irritations.

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