Women’s Tricks – Canons of Beauty and Make-Up in Different Corners of the World

Hello, my beautiful readers!

Today, I am taking you on a journey around the world. Have you got a moment? Make yourself a nice cup of tea and have a seat.
We are going to visit women from different corners of the world to see what they do to look attractive. What is their make-up like? What is their canon of beauty?

I assure you will be shocked. You will look at your own make-up and appearance in a completely different way from now on.

1. Akha, Thailand. White teeth? Forget it! Women in this part of the world believe: the blacker the teeth, the better you look. It is the thing that makes them attractive. I guess we would be very ugly in Akha men’s eyes 😉 Akha women chew betel to make their teeth blacker.

2. Japan – an attractive Japanese woman must be petite and slim, and have small feet. They like the image of a girl in a student’s school uniform and short skirt. What is more, Japanese women lean over backwards to cover the falling eyelid with make-up. Many of them decide on a surgery. Their eye make-up trends are completely different. They do their best to make their eyes as sparkling as possible and optically bigger. This trend is known as the undereye blush and it is supposed to imitate a puppy’s big and round eyes.

3. Himba, Namibia – Himba women do some characteristic beauty treatments that we find untypical. They beautify their body, face and even hair with otijze – a product made up of butter and raddle. They do it every day; the treatment lasts up to 6 hours! Otijze protects them from the sunlight, mosquito bites and dirt. Such a beauty care method seems brilliant in a place where water is more precious than gold. There is a reason why Himba women take care of themselves so eagerly. In this society, a woman must have at least three lovers. Otherwise, she is regarded as unattractive!

4. India – Hindu women focus on eyes, hands and feet in their beauty care. They use a traditional khol – known worldwide – for creating a seductive look. Women line the whole eye with the black product including even the water line. Beautiful patterns on hands and feet – made with henna – belong to the characteristic beauty elements.

5. South America, Venezuela – a place where plastic surgeries are of daily occurrence. Big, full lips? A baby’s smooth skin? No crow’s feet? Women have botox injected as often as we have manicure or pedicure. Curves, big bottom and wide hips are often the results of plastic surgeries. South America adores curvy women.

Back to Europe.

I hope now you will look in the mirror and remember that beauty has more than one name. Keep your head up! You do not have to look like a Barbie doll. After all, it is regarded as eyesore in some regions of the world 😉

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