Blotters – What are these and how to use them? A few words on perfume testing

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You use these items often, they have various shapes and colours, can be bought in any drug store – the perfume blotters. What are these and what to use them for? You’ll find all the answers to these questions here in the post. I wholeheartedly invite you to read the article.

What are perfume blotters?

In short, blotters are pieces of paper used in perfumery industry to test fragrances. These aren’t only made of paper, sometimes you can find cardboard blotters as well. Moreover, blotters aren’t only rectangular in shape, but they can have funny shapes and original colours. Back then, these stripes were used by perfumers for composing new aromas. Nowadays, all of us have access to these small lifesavers – you use them to check out how a particular fragrance smell while picking one in a drug store or a perfumery.

How do blotters look like?

The professional blotter papers have defined parameters: length, width, thickness and basis weight. Paper, which they are made of, can’t be soft. Why? Because during perfume testing, the paper might become spongy and wet. Furthermore, the colour of the blotters papers should be of light shade so as to make it clearly visible which product you smell and what’s its price (this information is sometimes written on the blotters). The blotters of the highest quality are the ones produced by chemical companies. The ones that can be found in regular shops resemble a typical pieces of paper, are soft and damage-prone.

Producers of perfumes want to outdo one another in designing original blotters. Therefore, we can came across paper moustaches created by companies connected with hairdressing, planes to try out the fragrances at airports, colour and funny blotters which you can collect, miniatures of phials as well as blotters that are in shape of one of the particular fragrance ingredient. Is there something we can replace a blotter with? More often than not, the classic blotters are replaced with other, more interesting items thanks to which we can find out the smell of a fragrance. For example, these are ribbons, feathers and ceramic charms which preserve the aroma for almost a week.

Where to take the blotters from?

Obviously, the greatest number of blotters are to be found in drug stores and perfumeries. It’s also worth mentioning that you can order your own blotting papers straight from a printing house, a producer or from a perfume suppliers. Obviously, the order you want to make has to be big enough so as it’s beneficial for the companies to realise it. Also, you can buy the blotters on Internet auctions by entering appropriate key words, such as smelling papers, smelling blotters, perfume tester paper. Finally, you can make your own blotters. Thanks to this, you will be the one who decide on the paper’s shape, size and colour.

How to use blotters?

If a blotter is printed on one side, spray a fragrance on the other side of it, far from the imprint. The print might react when in contact with the perfumes and, as a consequence, change the real smell of the product. Moreover, just one or two sprays in a few-inch distance from the blotting paper are enough. Wait approximately 10 seconds and then wave the paper in front of your nose. It’s also worth putting a name of the fragrance somewhere on the blotting paper. Store the blotting papers between the sheets of a notebook.

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