Facts & myths about eyelash extensions. Does this procedure really damage your own lashes?

Eyelash extensions procedure enjoys a huge popularity. Like… HUGE. Beauty salons lure us with their special offers, and many girls (I’m sure you know at least one) do courses and receive training on attaching falsies to natural lashes so they can make your own lashes longer and fuller-looking at home. This is why sometimes it’s hard to make up your mind and choose the place you want to get the lash extensions done. More worryingly, since now almost everyone is an expert on everything, we read and heard contradictory information about this beauty procedure, so we aren’t sure what is true and what is not.

But don’t worry! Today I’ll do my best to explain what eyelash extensions really are, and debunk the most common myths about this procedure. In a moment you will know whether eyelash extensions may cause damage to your own lashes, if getting falsies while pregnant is a good idea, and whether it really matters which beautician you pick. Ready?

Looking for the best beautician is pointless [MYTH]

Indeed, almost everyone can enroll to a course or training and become a beautician specializing in attaching falsies, aka lash technician. However, I’d suggest looking for a certified beautician who is experienced and gained extensive knowledge of this procedure. It goes without saying that an experienced lash technician is better qualified than a person who spent just a weekend learning how to attach false lashes. It should be realized that eye skin is super delicate, therefore you shouldn’t be a cheapskate here. Lastly, before arranging a meeting at a beautician’s, try to find photos of her work. This will help you choose the right person.

Eyelash extensions are for everybody [MYTH]

Even though the eyelash extensions procedure is safe and non-invasive, there are some contraindications to having it done. For example:

  • allergy to adhesive (you can ask for an alternative)
  • inflammation of the eye
  • chemotherapy
  • wounds, scars, lesions, cuts of eye skin

The good news for pregnant women! Eyelash extensions is safe for you and your baby.

Eyelash extensions damage natural lashes [MYTH]

The treatment itself doesn’t harm your own lashes. The lifespan of an eyelash lasts between 2-4 months, and you don’t interfere with the lash life cycle by attaching falsies. Additionally, it’s worth realizing that every day we lose more or less 4 lashes, which is totally normal. So where does this belief that eyelash extensions damages lashes come from?

Well, once a few lashes fall out, it may seem that suddenly your eyelashes become somehow short and deprived of volume. You just got used to the fact that your lashes are full-looking and fanned out, so when you miss some of them, you think there must be something wrong going on. I remember when I had falsies attached back then, and how terrified I was when I started losing them as my natural lashes were falling out, I thought that I almost lost my own lashes! As you may know, I gave up on eyelash extensions and now use eyelash serums but if you keep taking good care of the falsies, you should be fine. However – and this is important – if a beautician uses too much adhesive or if she styles the lashes in a wrong way, which is common trust me, this may weigh your lashes down and cause excessive thinning. Simply put, this damages your eyelashes.

To sum up, if you don’t want to end up with bald eyelids, either find an experienced lash technician or go for eyelash serums.

You can apply mascara to eyelash extensions [MYTH]

Many times I came across opinions, or suggestions I should say, concerning applying mascara to eyelash extensions for better results. Well… I wouldn’t do this if I were you. Seriously! Mascara products interfere with the adhesive causing falsies to fall out! This isn’t the effect you count on, right? If you aren’t satisfied with the way your lashes look after the procedure, change the very procedure. Instead of 1:1 method, go for 2:1.

What are other pieces of information you know about eyelash extensions that you would like me to confront?

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