Common nettle in hair and skin care


In skin and hair care natural ingredients, including herbs and other plants are used on a regular basis. One such is a common nettle. How does it work, how to use it and most of all what are its effects? Enjoy my post below to learn all about it.

What are the common nettle properties?

The common nettle holds many possible uses yet the most popular is the use in the beauty industry due to its amazing action on hair, skin, and nails thanks to calcium and silica. Common nettle cleanses, but also:

  • is helpful for bacterial infection of urinal system;
  • improves liver work and detoxifies the organism;
  • supports stomach;
  • limits excess perspiration;
  • helps with anemia due to boosted red blood cell production.

What is more, common nettle action on skin and hair is as follows:

  • helps in acne and other skin afflictions treatment,
  • removes greasiness from the scalp,
  • eliminates excess greasiness,
  • nourishes.

What does a common nettle contain?

Common nettle consists of the following ingredients: calcium, magnesium, iodine, sodium, vitamins A, B2, C and K1, flavonoids, and tannin. All of the components have a beneficial impact on skin, hair, and nails condition.

What is the use of common nettle?

For skin and hair care are used leaves gathered before April or roots dug out in the fall or early spring. The common nettle is used mostly to wash the face and as a scalp and hair conditioner. It speeds up hair growth, helps in the elimination of dandruff and psoriasis, soothes inflammations and helps with hyperpigmentations caused by the sun radiation.

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