I Tried 5 Anti-Redness Face Serums & Reveal Name of the Best One!

Rosacea-prone skin is no fun! Cold weather, harsh wind, hot air or spicy foods trigger blushing. You know what it’s like for sure. Nobody wants to look embarrassed all the time. Can you soothe a flushed face? Can you halt the occurrence of spider veins? If your skin is like that you probably know that a cream or toner isn’t enough to care for it effectively. Fragile capillaries need a good serum. I’ve tested some products that differ in formula, price and size. Do you want to know which one proved best? Which anti-redness serum makes a good choice? Check it out!

How did I test each serum?

Well, I devoted lots of time. I used each serum for 4 weeks, and took a 2-week break between them to make sure the effects of different products don’t get mixed up. Throughout the tests, I used the same face cream, toner and cleanser. That’s what makes my ranking of the best anti-redness serums reliable. Enjoy reading!

Best Anti-Redness Face Serums for Rosacea-Prone Skin – Reliable & Honest Reviews

#1 Nanoil Anti-Redness Face Serum, 50 ml

Nanoil Anti-Redness Face Serum

This serum has excellent components, large size (50 ml, it’s rare for serums), shockingly low price and glowing reviews. There was nothing to have second thoughts about – I bought it and started the trial. It was the time when my skin was in awful condition from air-con. Nanoil Anti-Redness Face Serum improved it instantly! The relief was what I experienced after just one use! The awful tight feeling and irritation were gone. That was just an intro to much greater improvement! Day by day the condition and looks of my face were getting better, and finally  – during the third week (more or less) – the skin was fully relieved, smooth and blush-free. I used my Nanoil serum twice a day. It’s amazing for day use because the light texture doesn’t congest the skin or cause unhealthy shine after a few hours. Nanoil Anti-Redness Face Serum is also a terrific make-up primer – no pilling! I give it an A for superb formula packed with botanicals that are perfectly suited to rosacea-prone skin: buckeye extract, cypress cone extract, lime tree extract and Indian plant extract called Punarnava. This serum produces the best effect, enhancing the beauty of the skin, bringing relief, protecting sensitive complexions and giving even skin tone. A low price is an asset for sure. To me it’s a dream skincare product. I can’t help sending you to the official Nanoil’s store! Here’s the link: https://nanoil.us/serum-for-couperose-skin

#2 REN Skincare Evercalm Redness Serum, 30 ml

I know this one is well-known to all those who have reactive skin and broken capillaries. It’s highly rated and quite effective, nourishing the skin very well. Too bad REN Skincare Evercalm Redness Serum is also costly. Maybe it’s worth the price, though. To me, it depends on your skin. Mine – despite weak capillaries and redness – tends to be unhealthily shiny and such creamy serum didn’t go well with it. I had to touch up my make-up many times because my face looked oily. It works better as a night serum, I guess. I rate it for the beneficial ingredients: algae extract, vitamin E, rosemary extract, arnica extract, and oils. Unfortunately my skin didn’t like the cream-like texture and oils in the formula, and I didn’t like the high price for a small bottle.

#3 Dior Capture Youth Redness Soother, 30 ml

I told you that the REN Serum was costly right? Well it wasn’t when we looked at Dior! This one has a shocking price. Because it’s one of the most popular anti-redness serums I got carried away and tried it. After all, my skin deserves that! Does it like Dior though? To be honest, I didn’t spot any stellar effects. The product takes a long time to handle the redness but it makes a good day serum because it slightly camouflages the blushes thanks to green pigments. I didn’t notice great improvement during the first weeks but it left the skin perfectly moisturized. Over time it made redness less noticeable and brought relief. I give it an A for the anti-wrinkle effect! Vitamin E, cotton peptides and iris extract are the ingredients worth listing. Dior Capture Youth Redness Soother is mostly made from natural substances. Is it a good buy? I think I won’t buy it again. Effects matter more than a logo. And it should come in a bigger bottle considering the price…

#4 Exuviance AntiRedness Serum, 25 g

We’re staying at the high price range – Exuviance AntiRedness Serum isn’t budget-friendly either. Without a doubt, it works quite well. I could see and feel the skin was different – prettier, more hydrated – after around two weeks from first use. The serum effectively builds skin’s resistance to irritants – the face stops blushing easily. I’m sure acne rosacea sufferers will like it. When it comes to effects, it stacks up well against competitors but the price will be a dealbreaker for many people I’m sure. Exuviance AntiRedness Serum holds some beneficial ingredients like vitamins C and E, and buckeye extract having a cool effect on redness-prone skin. The formula also includes algae extract, white tea extract and licorice, but also caffeine which improves blood circulation and boosts skin’s strength. The components and results are okay but the price and small bottle are discouraging. Naturally, the choice is up to you. 🙂

#5 La Roche-Posay Rosaliac AR Intense Serum, 40 ml

A face serum from pharmacies, from a brand making dermocosmetics. It’s available at the pharmacy but is it super effective because of that? It is budget-friendly for sure; 40 ml, not bad (Nanoil stays unbeatable!). <3 La Roche-Posay Rosaliac AR Intense Serum gets positive reviews and I couldn’t ignore them. I put it on my “to-try” list. What’s the result? Well… it comes fifth because it doesn’t handle redness easily and doesn’t moisturize as much as I want – the skin suffers a lot before getting the long-waited relief. Over time it did strengthen the capillaries but I didn’t like wearing it to be honest – it creates a weird coating on the face and I could feel it constantly. If you’ve ever used La Roche-Posay Rosaliac AR Intense, let me know if you feel the same. I also read reviews saying it takes several weeks to bring results so maybe one month isn’t enough… Still, I think there’s no point in wasting time if there are other products making our faces flawless much faster.

Why don’t you share your opinion on the serums from my list? Have you tried any of them? Leave a comment!

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