Cluster lashes for self application (DIY)

DIY Eyelash Extensions – Nanolash Cluster Lashes Tested and Reviewed!

Long, well-taken-care-of lashes have always been my priority. I used to get eyelash extensions done at the salon regularly. Though I liked the result, I didn’t like how long they lasted.

Recently I’ve come across DIY eyelash cluster extensions from the brand Nanolash. They promise simple application and long-lasting lash styles, staying put for even five days. Can you apply false lashes in just ten minutes? That’s what the brand promises; I didn’t have second thoughts!

Cluster lashes for application at home – Nanolash Lash Extensions DIY. What surprised me after unboxing?

Before I added the DIY cluster lash extensions to the cart, I looked through the product details on the Nanolash website. Any surprises?

  • The DIY lash clusters come in as many as eight styles.
  • There are three lengths of the cluster lashes Nanolash: 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm. I think it’s great because I like to experiment! With such various wisps, I can mix and match to get the dream result!
  • 36 bundles in one case; as promised by the brand, they will be enough for even four uses. From four to five clusters are used per eye.

The last thing that made me buy the Nanolash clusters is the product being cruelty-free and looking just like natural lashes!


DIY eyelash extension kit from Nanolash, first impressions

I did it – picked and ordered the full cluster lashes kit from Nanolash. The lash set was delivered in lovely packaging. Unboxing, I found:

  • bonder – as indicated in the instructions, it’s a professional lash glue for lash extensions.
  • applicator – essential for DIY lash extensions application. It gets a high score for being stainless steel!
  • sealer – helps us remove the stickiness from the DIY Lash Extensions and is an amazing finishing touch.
  • remover – another useful tool; it helps remove lash clusters without causing damage to natural eyelashes.

What about my thoughts on the Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions? First I was pleasantly surprised by their softness and flexibility; they don’t look or feel faux. Plus, they are fitted to thin, flexible, black bands that we can easily adjust to the eyelid shape, and they are unnoticeable!

cluster lashes on yourself

Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions – my first DIY application of cluster lash extensions

I never knew how to apply eyelash extensions at home. It seemed so damn hard, plus I didn’t have any experience.

Luckily, I found all the essentials at the Nanolash store! The lash tweezers allow me to grab the wisps easily, and the bonder gets sticky enough after just 30 seconds.

Naturally, you’ll find detailed directions for use on the website telling you how to apply cluster lashes at home. I followed the instructions step by step; the application took me around ten minutes. The manufacturer isn’t lying!

The professional bonder – glue for lash extensions – has a convenient applicator for easy application all over lashes. I used the tweezers to grab the clusters and place them in the right place.

cluster eyelash extensions before and after

I loved the result! HEARTBREAKER eyelashes fit my eyes perfectly.

Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions – how long do cluster lashes last?

The manufacturer of the DIY cluster lash extensions guarantee we can wear them for up to five days. However, I wore these… much longer!

I must mention one thing, though. The longer wear is thanks to the aftercare; I always removed makeup gently and tried to sleep on my back. I wore my lash clusters for eight days!

Another thing I noticed is the cluster lashes – though said to be single-use – were good for reuse after I took them off! I removed them using the Nanolash remover and made sure they were fully clean. The bands had the same shade so I could put on the clusters again.

Applying cluster lashes at home with Nanolash – review summary

The Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions are the best cluster lashes I could get myself. I love the delicate, light-feeling lashes that are super comfortable to wear, as well as the top quality of the accessories and products. They made the application so much easier.

It’s also great that I can reuse these cluster lash extensions! I just need to remember about the proper aftercare. I can also make the lash extensions last longer by following some rules like gentle makeup removal or avoiding oil-based products.

Thanks to the Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions, I can create different lash looks every day!

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