My Pick: Dual-Phase Argan Oil Hair Conditioner from Nanoil


I am happy to share another review-post where I recommend a product. What is it? As you can see in the title, I go through Nanoil Argan Hair Conditioner today. This conditioner is rich in argan oil and I’d like to tell you more about what it does. I got it (plus Nanoil Argan Micellar Shampoo) from a friend. Will I buy another bottle?

Nanoil conditioner based on argan oil

FULL NAME: Nanoil Argan Hair Conditioner

Argan hair conditioner doesn’t sound like a cool gift, does it? Argan oil is literally everywhere and this isn’t a substance that makes us “wow!”. Shockingly, even this simple and popular oil stuns when put in a great conditioner. The argan oil-based conditioner from Nanoil is different from all of this kind. Why so?

The bottle was the first thing to sweep me off my feet, really. I haven’t had such fancy-looking conditioners before. The combination of black and gold is dazzling and makes me feel as if I used some super-pricey salon treatment.

The formula is dual-phase and really light so caring for hair with Nanoil Argan Hair Conditioner is sheer pleasure. After the first use, I could tell the product deeply conditions the hair but it doesn’t weigh it down. It also makes strands easier to brush and enhances shine. There’s more to the conditioner, though!

What is the effect of Nanoil Argan Hair Conditioner?

Conditioners are meant for making hair smoother, shinier and easier to comb after washing. The argan conditioner by Nanoil fulfills this task. However, it isn’t an ordinary conditioner so it gives more benefits. Nanoil Argan Hair Conditioner:

– prevents tangles after washing.

– controls frizz and static flyaways.

– facilitates combing, blow-drying, styling.

– ensures heat and sun protection.

– enhances color, shine and beauty of hair.

– keeps ends from splitting.

– keeps hair moisturized for longer.

I could list the benefits endlessly because this conditioner really works wonders for my strands. I’ve been using it for just 3 weeks and already see the hair looks healthier, stronger and nicer.

What does the Nanoil Argan Hair Conditioner contain?

The great results are possible thanks to the ingredients. The Nanoil Conditioner holds two key hair-enhancing substances: natural, cold-pressed argan oil and – known to all hair junkies – castor bean oil. They both take credit for the great improvement that Nanoil Argan Hair Conditioner gives.

1. Argan oil – an emollient which protects hair against loss of water, sun damage, heat and free radicals. Plus, it helps repair hair, nourishes, strengthens and rejuvenates.

2. Castor oil – called the best hair growth oil because it really does strengthen the hair, inhibit hair loss and stimulate faster growth. Additionally, it has an antibacterial effect and helps keep the scalp balanced and healthy.

How to use the Nanoil Argan Hair Conditioner?

Last but not least, let me tell you about the usage briefly. If you think this is another product needing thorough rubbing and rinsing, you’re wrong!

Nanoil Argan Hair Conditioner is a dual-phase leave-in hair mist and this is what makes it extremely easy to use. Wash the hair, squeeze out excess water and spray it from a short distance. The product has a convenient atomizer so it evenly envelopes each hair, leaving a subtle, lovely scent and filling the strands with a dose of powerful nutrients.

To me this is a game-changer – finally an argan oil conditioner that doesn’t require rinsing. We can use it anytime and whenever we feel it’s necessary, not just after shampooing but also during the day to protect hair from the sun or simply make it easier to brush.

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