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Nanoil Micellar Shampoo Rich in Keratin. Your Hair Deserves the Best!

Big hair-care question for a start: do you ever pay much attention to the choice of a shampoo? Are you careful while choosing it? I’m sure you put your mind to finding the best mask or conditioner and, like most people, downplay the importance of shampoos. My friend, for example, cares only about the smell of a shampoo while shopping, that’s all she’s interested in. Believe it or not, what you use for hair washing is important. I’m about to tell you why. How to choose the best shampoo? I’ve got an example, the discovery of recent weeks called Nanoil Keratin Micellar Shampoo. Keep reading!

What makes a choice of a shampoo such a big deal?

Every hair-care routine starts with a good hair wash and obviously you need a shampoo. Just don’t get me wrong. The masks, conditioners and treatments you use matter as well and they are in no way less important. However, decent hair care always starts with shampooing so choose your cleanser reasonably! A nice smell is cool but the shampoo gets cooler if it works well too.

How to pick the best shampoo?

What does a good shampoo do? A shampoo isn’t just a cleanser that removes grease and oil excess. Remember that your shampoo should both cleanse and condition, soothing the scalp without causing irritations. So, if you’re looking for a shampoo that won’t ruin your strands, go for a micellar shampoo. You must be familiar with micelles that remove make-up. It turns out they are perfect for banishing sebum, toxins and product buildup.

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Nanoil Micellar Shampoo – a game-changing hair cleanser

I came across this marvel while shopping on I got lots of brilliant products from Nanoil, including my favorite argan oil (must have already mentioned that).

This shampoo is quite unusual because few shampoos are based on micelles. However, this solution proves to give amazing results, treating the hair and scalp gently and cleansing effectively. Nanoil launched 4 micellar shampoos based on algae, argan oil, liquid silk and keratin. I like the last one the most. Keratin is a strongly-repairing ingredient and hair cannot be fixed without it because this is a protein that builds the hair. This is what makes keratin the most powerful conditioning and strengthening agent.


  • It perfectly cleanses hair.
  • It conditions the scalp without causing irritations.
  • It strengthens hair from the roots to the ends.
  • It gives you nourishing care as early as at the stage of washing.
  • It holds back frizz and static flyaways.
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What do I make of my Nanoil Keratin Micellar Shampoo?

It’s a game-changer. Thanks to micelles it can precisely cleanse the hair, add volume, soothe the scalp and lift the roots for a voluminous hairdo. At the same time, it provides a big dose of keratin and I could feel that after first use. My hair is healthier and looks better. It got visibly stronger too. What I suggest is you complement it with the Nanoil hair mask and leave-in conditioner featuring keratin. This is a top therapy for any hair, even if it’s extremely damaged.

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