At home pedicure | How to take care of your toenails?

Hi, today I’d like to talk about at home pedicure. Too often we forget how toenails care is important. Girls, just admit that you do the pedicure way fewer times than manicure. On top of it, you do it sort of “a lick and a promise” kind of way. Exactly, it is time to change it! Hear some wise words on the subject.

The Proper pedicure is not just aesthetic matter. Indeed, well-taken care of toenails look nice but their care prevents also some health issues like brittleness or ingrowth nails and corn.


The pedicure is not that difficult. Although, it is performed differently than the manicure, which I have to state here at the very beginning. However, I will do my best to tell you about all of it in great detail so that your mere pedicure was never problematic.

Cutting toenails

There are two rules. First, avoid growing long toenails. I know it works for the hands but with feet, it can be the cause of painful corn and damages. You need to cut toenails on regular basis! Second, remember that the less you interfere with the nail plate shape, the better for your health. Do not cut nails too short but make sure that is always short enough and filed appropriately. Do you know what nail plate shape is best for toenails? Inverted triangle or even square. Stick to it and do not force semi-round or almond shape. One more important thing! Do not cut or round the edges on the sides as it may be one of the reasons for the later toenails ingrowth. If the edges are sharp — just file it gently.

Lifehack: for toenails cut being easier, I soak feet in the warm water with salt or special softening cosmetic.

Buffing and nail polish

Now to the main point of interest when you care about aesthetic toenails’ appearance. Here you have to proceed as with the standard manicure. Start with buffing nail plate so that nail polish holds better. For this purpose there are special buffing blocks — you can get it at every drugstore. I have lately found out that it is not advised to buff nail plate more than once per two weeks because lack of moderation can cause nail plate to be thin, brittle and lead to breakage. It did not happen to me though I buffed my toenails every week, basically each time I did the pedicure.

Great results are provided by use of conditioner or a nail polish base, which I encourage you to try. It is a perfect way to make nail polish long-lasting but also is your answer to the question about how you can take care of toenails. High-quality nail polish base nourishes, strengthens and protects. When it comes to the nail polish, there are no instructions, I can only tell you that if you opt for optically slimmer shape, you should just use nail polish in the middle of the nail plate and leave sides colourless. Just 1-2 mm of free nail plate on the left and right side is enough to make nail appear less square or wide.

How to take care of dry and damaged toenails?

The correct pedicure is pretty easy, which I hope I managed to prove above. Problems appear when toenails are brittle, dry and split. No matter the cause, care of damaged nails requires some devotion and knowledge. Allow me to tell you some of my secrets:

  1. Rule out all weakening factors for some time, for example, filing, buffing, nail polish (especially hybrids).
  2. Switch to nail conditioners (ceramide infused) which will harden the delicate nail plate.
  3. Introduce foods rich in calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, silicon and vitamin B (or dietary supplements).
  4. In the morning and evening rub in oils in the nails and cuticles, oils should have moisturising, saturating and regenerating properties (nails oil treatment).

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