My List of Overrated Beauty Products

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There are products that deliver good effects but… they have one little flaw. Beauty blogs and magazines rave about them. There are so many such posts that most of us no longer believe in their effectiveness or easy use. Meet products that I believe to be overrated.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream

There is no cream that can completely eliminate wrinkles. Even the most advanced aesthetic medicine treatments can’t. All they can do is smooth wrinkles, rejuvenate your face and firm skin up. Aging processes are inevitable. The best ingredients, drugstore products, home or professional treatments won’t delay the process. We won’t deceive Mother Nature, girls!

Shampoos for Gray Hair

Theoretically, they prevent hair graying and bring back the color in gray hair. Yeaaah! You must know the graying process to understand why such shampoos don’t work. Each hair includes melanocytes – cells producing pigment (melanin). Gray hair lacks melanocytes; it only contains beige, white or yellowish protein. There is no chance melanin will appear after using a shampoo. It’s the same with conditioners that are supposed to prevent thinning and receding hair. Let’s face it. No hair is going to grow out where there’s no hair follicle.

Black Peel Off Mask

Frees face from sebum, blackheads and… hair? Yes, the black peel off mask is powerful. Although it’s quite effective, ripping it off skin is very painful. To make things worse, the ingredients are artificial and can cause irritations in sensitive skin. Moreover, if you’ve used the mask many times, the hair on your face will grow back longer, thicker and stronger.

Cream for Pigmentation Spots

A regular cream isn’t going to remove pigmentation spots even if producers say so. Only medication and aesthetic medicine treatments are able to handle scars, post-acne and post-sun spots. Old discolorations and the ones caused by hormones are the most difficult to remove. In this case, preventing new blemishes seems to make sense. You can enrich skin care with microdermabrasion, chemical peel and laser. Just forget about creams with lemon, carrot or milk thistle.

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