New Lipstick From Bourjois: Rouge Velvet The Lipstick


Recently, my makeup collection has increased by two new lipsticks form Burjois. After being encouraged by the effects guaranteed by the producer, I have purchased the Rouge Velvet The Lipstick. Today, you will see for yourself, whether all the promises were fulfilled. Let’s get started.

Why I bought Bourjois lipstick in the first place?

Since I can remember, I have been looking for a lipstick that will have the right colour for my skin tone and provide long-lasting properties. I also wanted the product o give me a matte finish that is most flattering for nearly all types of beauty. Finally, I wanted to refresh my lip-product collection and get rid of those, that are out of date or things that I do not use at all. Given the fact that I am a huge fan of natural cosmetics, I wanted my lip cosmetics to be oil-based as well. It turns out that Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick is the answer to all my requirements. Therefore, I have decided to buy not one but three colours! The first one is a classic red that will suit evening looks, a light pink to create a natural, daily makeup and a nude colour which, I believe, will be forever trendy.

What effects will you get thanks to using Bourjois lipsticks?

Rouge Velvet The Lipstick has a creamy formula thanks to which, it is easy to apply to the lips without making the clown effect;) The product does not leave any stains or smudges, it covers lips evenly with intense colour. The lipstick is highly pigmented which allows creating a vivid look that will perfectly fit every occasion. There are 12 shades, starting from light and natural, to really dark ones. What is more, the new products from Burjois contain natural, moisturising oils that will take care of the lips and help to create perfect makeup.

How do I use Bourjois lipsticks?

I always like to apply lip products at the end, after I finish the entire face makeup. It is easier to select the right shade to match the look and outfit. For more precision, I use a lip brush, this way there are no unnecessary smudges on my face. Usually, I like the effect of two layers – emphasised colour and full coverage. To get rid of any excess of the product, I simply press my lips against a tissue. That is all, I am ready to go.

Have you tried out Rouge Velvet The Lipstick? Do you like Burjois brand? What is your favourite lip cosmetic?

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