It’s time to shine with this carnival glitz! What are Treatment Banquets?

During my last visit at a beautician I learnt that there is this new sort of facial beautifying procedures called Treatment Banquets. It was the very first time I’ve heard about this, therefore, I considered it as a perfect topic to explore and share my findings with you. Do you want to know what are Treatment Banquets? I wholeheartedly encourage you to continue reading the entry to find out what I’ve learnt thanks to, among others, my beloved beauticians ♡


Just by looking at the very name it’s not hard to figure out that probably it’s about some beautifying procedures carried out before some big life events. I know that many of you don’t attend banquets per-se, but there are many other occasions when you want to look fabulous. In short, a treatment banquet is recommended for women who would like to improve appearance of their skin before, for example, New Year’s Eve, wedding or another significant party. No wonder why Treatment Banquets expand basic offers of beauty parlours more and more frequently.

What’re Treatment Banquets?

Treatment Banquet is a series of individual treatments concerning face, neck and cleavage area. In most cases they are performed in 1-2 days before an important event, therefore the procedure isn’t invasive, yet delicate. Actually, I would define a treatment banquet as a short-term catching up with neglected skin care, a way to put you in a good mood and ultra-fast removal of fatigue signs.

Treatment Banquets | How do they work?

Usually, Treatment Banquets are carried out to restore the right level of moisturisation and nourishment to skin. If applied properly and if it answers needs of skin, Treatment Banquets can:

  • reduce stress and unpleasant skin tension;
  • even skin tone;
  • free skin from blackheads and smooths;
  • reduce swellings and dark circles under eyes;
  • add freshness and shine to skin.

The advantage of Treatment Banquets over regular procedures is that the effects produced are immediate, and aren’t proceeded with any transitional or temporary stages/procedures. I was shocked myself that there are such treatments which leave face neither swollen nor reddened in a first few hours or days after undergoing it. This beauty procedure seems to be a perfect solution.

The basic Treatment Banquet

Despite being a fairly new, Treatment Banquets are becoming more and more popular. No wonder why there are other kinds of this treatment constantly emerging; we can choose and pick among them. However, I’ve learnt that no matter their types, all procedures begins alike. A standard Treatment Banquet is a series of delicate treatments improving skin’s condition. In most cases, this basic procedure consists of two stages:

  1. Face cleansing by using a delicate peeling, frequently featuring vitamin C (a.k.a. C-Peel). At this stage your skin may be treated with almond acid peeling, if you mainly count on precise skin cleansing.
  2. Face massaging done after applying either serum or mask the action of which is to deliver intensive nourishment, hydration, regeneration or lightening up (it varies accordingly to the needs). Preparations used for this treatment frequently base their action on hyaluronic acid, vitamin cocktails or peptides – all to provide skin with youthful look and flawless shine.

The entire procedure doesn’t occupy much time and is maximally concentrated. In my opinion, this is a huge advantage because, in most cases, we don’t have much time to spend in a day or two before an important event. In short, a relaxing Treatment Banquet shouldn’t last longer than an hour – basically, it shouldn’t exceed 30-40 minutes.

Types of Treatment Banquets

The good news is that a basic Treatment Banquet can be modified at will. As mentioned above, new versions of Treatment Banquets are being developed currently. What are they all about? How do they differ?

  • Golden Touch is a treatment that depends on using real 24-karat gold. It can have various forms but the most popular ones are compresses made of gold pads. In short, a face is being massaged with such pads. Basically, gold can be ‘smuggled’ into our skin in the form of algae and gold face mask, and even thanks to iontophoresis or ultrasounds.
  • Hydrafacial is a water microdermabrasion which is a cleansing and nourishing treatment consisting of two stages. Firstly, a delicate dermabrasion or moderate vacuum is performed. Once the face is cleansed, it has to be covered with an appropriate serum of moisturising and anti-oxygenating features.
  • Kriomezolift makes use of cold and radio waves. At the beginning it resembles a regular peeling combined with a serum containing vitamin C. However, after that, the skin is treated with alternating temperature – to clarify, once skin is warmed up by radio waves and then cooled down using kriotherapy. Thanks to this, blood flow is stimulated so is collagen production.
  • Cryolift another Treatment Banquet taking advantage of kriotherapy and LED light. Firstly, skin cells are stimulated due to LED light and then cooled down. This thermal shock results in blood flow boost so all the applied nourishing substances penetrate through skin definitely better.
  • Geneo is a treatment I underwent myself! With the use of a special device, a beautician removed dead epidermis cells of my face skin and, at the same time, exposed my dermis to CO2 action. Due to a special head, a gel was distributed (rejuvenating or nourishing – both base their action on hyaluronic acid or retinol). The preparation is absorbed fast because the main aim of this treatment is to boost blood flow.

I highly recommend these treatments because, thanks to them, you can feel beautiful again 😉

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