How to dye hair at home? Natural hair colouring methods

Yes, this is another post from the series: ‘How to get a particular effect using natural methods only?’. Designed especially for all of you who want to know how to dye hair at home without using the already-made dyes and other colouring products. I guarantee, it’s possible!

As an introduction

I should say something about hair colouring. I’m sure you already know that hair dyeing is the procedure of changing the existing colour of hair using (usually) chemical products. The effects can be permanent, semi-permanent or temporary, which in most cases lasts until the next hair washing. I also assume that you are aware that regular colouring turns out to be damaging for hair because it causes disulfide bridge bonds damage and deterioration of keratin bonds inside the hair. This leads to higher hair porosity (hair damage). No wonder why I started looking for other ways to satisfy my constant and uncontrollable desire for changing hair colour.

I started searching for

the natural methods of changing hair colour. I have to admit that I thought that it would be more difficult to come across some sensible solution that doesn’t only deliver an interesting effect but also is long-lasting. After reading hundreds of how-to articles, piles of books and watching many tutorials concerning hairdressing I finally learnt that the secret lies in the proper substances and their application techniques.

Let me present you with


  1. COFFEE – to make your hair darker
    It’s one of the most popular methods of hair darkening that can be adopted at home therefore I just simply couldn’t miss it in this article. I love using this technique always when I want to bring my natural brown hair colour out. How to do it? Brew strong coffee and let it cool down. In the meantime, wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo. Next, pour the coffee onto your hair (the lighter version) or drown the hair into the coffee and keep it there for a quarter of an hour (more intensive effect).
  2. WALNUTS – for intensified brown
    Shells and leaves of walnut tree are a great way to intensify the natural shade of brown-haired women. Both shells and the leaves contain natural tints which don’t only make the colour more vivid but also they successfully mask the first grey hair. How to do this? Dry leaves of walnut tree and powder its shells (you can buy such powder in eco-shops or herbal shops). Boil the ingredients for approximately 5 minutes in 1 litre of fresh water. Pour the mixture through a strainer and use it as a hair wash. Wait until the hair dries and rinse the strands with running water to remove residues of the infusion that hasn’t got inside the hair.
  3. CHAMOMILE – for lighted up hair
    Now I’ll present you another natural method of changing hair colour yet this time it would be lightening hair up. This technique was already known by our grandmas. Chamomile, as one of few plants, of highlighting features, which adds a golden shade to hair and additionally strengthens and delivers gloss to strands. How to lighten up the hair using chamomile? Bring four spoons or four bags of chamomile to boil into a half of a litre of fresh water. Keep boiling for 5 minutes, pour through a strainer and cool the infusion down. Use as a hair wash applied to the freshly shampooed strands.

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