La Prairie Skin Caviar Birthday Set


It’s been 30 years since La Prairie launched its Skin Caviar products. The brand’s birthday sets with caviar-infused products appeared in drugstores for this occasion. You’ll learn more about them in today’s post.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Set

La Prairie Set includes face-shaping cream, night mask, under-eye cream and gel, face-lift serum with characteristic gold particles. The products come in blue and silver packagings which are housed in a large silver box. Decorate it with a nice ribbon and the gift’s ready!

What benefits do La Prairie Skin Caviar products bring?

The cosmetics are intended for all skin types, especially for the dehydrated, grayish and mature skin. They have a creamy and mild formula that makes every application easier. Natural ingredients make sure your skin is deeply nourished, hydrated and tightened. La Prairie Skin Caviar products brighten pigmentation spots, smooth fine lines and enhance the face shape. Products reduce under-eye dark circles, deliver oxygen and illuminate the skin.

When and how to use La Prairie Skin Caviar?

You can use all La Prairie products (apart from the Night Mask) in the morning and evening. You apply them to clean and dry skin of face, neck and neckline. A small amount of a product must be tapped into the skin. After a while, products are absorbed and start working. Thanks to the Caviar, the skin gets firm, moisturised and illuminated. It’s because caviar is a source of proteins, vitamin A, E and B5, iodine, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and essential fatty acids.

Limited Edition Skin Caviar Cream

If you hurry up, you’re gonna get yourself Caviar Spectaculaire Cream that comes in a unique bottle. The product was created in cooperation with Baccarat – a brand that makes elegant glass. Effect? We get a cream in a fancy bottle with a sky-blue stem and a silver cap.

Are you gonna get tempted to buy La Prairie Skin Caviar Collection? 

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