What makes me love Kevin Murphy cosmetics this much?

Taking care of my hair I learned from my mother who for her entire life had beautiful, long and thick strands. She always puts a lot of attention to what she uses to wash her hair, to comb and what other cosmetics to apply. I make sure that my hair care cosmetics are natural and free from paraben, silicone and other unfavourable substances. This is how I found Kevin Murphy cosmetics. I bought its conditioner and I was amazed at it to the point where, currently every now and then, I reach for these ecological, vegan cosmetics in designer bottles and with revolutionary properties.

I am their fan for about 3 years and I can proudly recommend these cosmetics, worth the price. Here’s my list of the best Kevin Murphy cosmetics:

1. Kevin Murphy Young Again — rejuvenating treatment for hair lacking thickness and volume.

I love Young Again spray conditioner. It is product equipped in an atomiser and its main task is to magnify the gloss and increase hair elasticity. Most of all, Young Again contains Immortelle to revitalise hair from the roots all the way down.

2. Kevin Murphy Session Spray is a hairspray that immediately beautifies, textures and preserves hair style while providing amazing volume and elasticity. Unruly strands, be gone! Session Spray is extraordinary, it is not just “another hairspray” — it is brilliant and gentle stylist that does not weigh hair down, but styles it and… how to put it… just increases its elasticity and “styling” possibilities.

3. Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine is a finishing cosmetic containing microscopic, shimmering, gold particles. However, do not think it is like a spray brocade, no, no, no, it is nothing like that. Shimmer Shine is microscopic gold particles that — when settling on hair (product was equipped in atomiser) lightens strands and makes hair shimmer in the sun while regenerating it (Shimmer Shine contains Baobab, Immortelle and Bamboo extracts and Vitamins C and E).

I recommend these products to you from the bottom of my heart. They are worth the price.

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