My favourite highlighter. Wibo Strobing Make Up Shimmer Kit

Since I’ve learned about strobing (face contouring with light) I became the biggest fan of highlighters. I gathered quite a collection and I still haven’t found the perfect one. Even among the most expensive srobing palettes in the world that are said to be the best and the greatest. Either I’m picky or there really isn’t the perfect cosmetic.

Wibo Strobing Make Up Shimmer Kit is close to perfection. It meets my expectations at a satisfactory level. Today, I am going to prove to you that you can great replacement for the expensive highlighters.


It is a palette containing four highlighters which you can buy online. It is easy to get and is affordable, which are the two greatest advantages of make-up cosmetics. Its exceptional formula provides long-lasting effect and full gloss. The palette consists of, beside the highlighters, a mirror and a convenient applicator. Personally, I prefer my own highlighter brush but does not mean that the one added to the product is any way bad. The entire set is of great quality. It is perfect for strobing, i.e. face contouring with light.

What colours in Wibo Strobing Make Up Shimmer Kit?

The palette holds four highlighters. In fact, these are convenient highlighting powders which I love because I do not know how to perform wet contouring. For contouring, I always used (classic or strobing) powdered products. Of the greatest importance is that Wibo Strobing Make Up Shimmer Kit is highly pigmented and does not leave you with a brocade kind of effect. It blends great with skin and you can say that is very elegant.

For each of highlighters in the kit, you can find more expensive variant. Why should you overpay when you can have the same effect for a few times lower price? I stand for the wise choice of cosmetics and paying attention to the possible saving of money.

For example:

  • slightly champagne shade in Wibo Strobing Make Up Shimmer Kit is an equivalent for Mary Lou Manizer by The Balm;
  • copper highlighter in Wibo Strobing Make Up Shimmer Kit is a twin highlighter for Jeffree Star Cosmetics “Dark Horse”.

I must emphasise the fact that differences between the drugstore highlighter and its luxurious equivalent are imperceptible. The same colour, the same pigmentation and evenly spreading formula. Highlighters palette for strobing by Wibo can be used on fair and dark complexion because everyone will find among four colours the one for themselves. When correctly applied, highlighter can provide effect of frosted, fresh and contrived make-up. Highly recommend it!

Each highlighter in Wibo palette can be bought separately!

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