Beauty hacks all girls should know

Hello girls,

Let me show you 5 useful beauty tricks that will rescue you from many make-up predicaments. Read the article cause it’s worth it 😉

1. If you have run out of an eye-liner, you can pick up a little bit of the ink from your mascara’s wand. Just take your eyeliner’s applicator and gather the black liquid from the mascara’s brush. Basically, a high quality mascara will serve you perfectly.

2. You can make a good use of a lipstick by putting it on your cheeks instead of a blusher. This trick has yet another advantage which is the certainty that the shade of the cosmetic will play in tune with your complexion’s shade. After all, you have already applied the lipstick a few times before. In fact, there was this trend in make-up that the colour of a blusher had to match with the shade of a lipstick.

3. A red lipstick applied under eye skin area? Of course! I’ll probably surprise you now by saying that a red lipstick is perfect for neutralizing dark circles that blemish your face. It happens like that because green and blue shades can be neutralized due to red shades (the Color Wheel rule). So, once you have your red lipstick ready to camouflage the signs of fatigue, pat it delicately into the area and then apply a concealer. Try to blend the products together without getting ‘mask’ effect.

4. Do you need eyelash volume boost? If your eyelashes are exceptionally short and when the event you’re going to requires effective make-up, you can try to coat your eyelashes with just a one layer of a mascara and before it manages to dry out, apply a powder to the lashes (you can even use a baby powder if you want to). Of course, be careful not to get any of the cosmetic into your eyes. Next, apply another coat of a mascara. Thickness and volume doubled!

5. A teaspoon in a make-up bag? This item is super universal, indeed. For example, when cooled down in a refrigerator and applied to eyes, it can reduce swellings form the eyelids. Also, it helps an unskilful hand to draw an eye-line on the eyelids and even help define eyebrow shape.

Good luck!

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