Beauty Treatments I Absolutely Hate

Hi, girls!

It is said that beauty is pain. Many women undergo invasive treatments to enhance their appearance and look younger. On the other hand, removing hair on legs with a razor gives some women a headache. It is similar in my case. There are treatments that make me feel dizzy. I don’t mean botox injections, plastic surgeries or vampire lifting. I mean simple things… Get ready for some moaning and tears!

Hair Removal

I put it off as long as possible, using many different ways. I put on long dresses and skirts or trousers (even when it’s blistering hot). I simply don’t like removing hair. We must put a lot of effort to enjoy ideally smooth legs. There is one more reason why depilation isn’t my favorite treatment. Razors damage the epidermis and I must use lots of products before and after hair removal. What a nightmare…

Eyebrow Shaping

Even though I try to keep my brows looking good, I don’t feel like shaping them. When I finally get round to it, I always frown and sigh loudly, sit in front of the mirror and get to plucking. It isn’t that easy. I must get really focused to remove the smallest and lightest brows. Red spots and sore eyelids are the worst things about the treatment.

Manicure & Pedicure

I’m not a fan of painting nails. Cutting cuticles, filing nails don’t belong to the nicest things. I (and some of my family members) don’t like the smell of nail polish. I paint my nails from time to time but I prefer when they are moisturised and look natural. There’s one more thing I hate about manicure and pedicure. Waiting. Waiting for the polish to dry and harden so I can get to some work.

Are there any beauty treatments you don’t like? 

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