Season for smooth legs is now open! How to take care of legs?

Hi girls,

Summer has finally begun so we can show off our legs (and other parts of the body as well). However, before we do this, we have to take care of them so as to make them look strikingly. Check out how to remove hair, replenish skin with moisture and deal with various leg skin imperfections. Feel invited to learn my reliable tricks.

Firstly, pale skin

We wear thick tights and trousers all winter long. When we take them off in summer, our skin looks pale, is dull and deprived of the natural shine. I know that this will make some of you sad, but getting tanned in solanum isn’t the wisest idea ever. ‘Why is that?’, you would ask. Let me explain this to you. To make a long story short, the light generated by the solarium bed lamps produces harmful radiation which can cause irritations and in the extreme cases it can lead to skin cancer. Therefore, way safer is getting our skin brownish while being exposed to the sun, even if it takes more time to get the effect we look for. The fastest outcomes are produced by the skin bronzing cosmetics, of course. Unfortunately, the lifespan of such tan leaves much to be desired since it disappears after two, three showers.

Secondly, hair on legs

During winter we don’t shave legs so precisely as we do it during summer. Once spring comes, we start focusing more on removing the ingrown hair too. Obviously, the fastest and the easiest way of unwanted hair removal is using a disposable razor. If you look for more long-lasting effects, go for wax, a depilatory or a laser. What’s important, before you start removing the hair, do the peeling first. This treatment will remove dead epidermis cells, help the ingrown hair get out through the layer of epidermis and it would be easier to slide the razor on the skin.

Thirdly, dry leg skin

Leg skin becomes dehydrated and rough during winter. It’s really tough to maintain the moisturisation, firmness and smoothness at a good level. Therefore, before we put on a dress or a skirt, we have to remove dead epidermis cells first to deliver moisture afterwards. For that reason, twice a week apply peelings and skin hydrating body balms. Also, you can go for either a dry massage or the one performed with a massaging glove. When it comes to the recommended beauty products, apply the cosmetics containing urea, oils and vitamins.

Fourthly, broken capillaries

They appear when you take particular medication, lead sedentary lifestyle or wear high heels frequently. In order to remove these red spider veins and restore the proper blood circulation, take up sport and change the diet. Also, you can take the advantage of surgical and aesthetic medicine treatments that are completely safe and super effective. All you have to bear in mind though is that once you undergo Intense Pulsed Light treatment, you can’t expose your body to the sun for a month.

Fifthly, cellulite and stretch marks

The problem of cellulite and stretch marks touches many women no matter their age. Cellulite develops as a consequence of enlargement of fat cells underneath the skin. Stretch marks, in turn, are the damages that affected collagen and elastin fibres. So, if you want to get rid of cellulite before the summer comes, visit a beauty parlour to have endermologie performed (which is a kid of a ‘high pressure’ massage). Obviously, apply peelings regularly, eat more healthier and start exercising. When it comes to the stretch marks, if you want to make them a little bit lighter, start replenishing your skin with water after every single showering. Reach for the cosmetics containing urea, collagen, coenzyme Q10 and other substances the action of which is strongly skin firming. Also, a fractional laser treatment should serve you well since it’s able to highlight stretch marks.

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