Mirror manicure still on the top. How to do it yourself?

Hi, Girls!

I will probably surprise you by saying that not even once I have been at the beauty salon to do my nails. I do my manicure myself, at home. Today I’d like to show you how I took care of my nails the last time. This post is also intended to instruct you on how to obtain the mirror effect on your nails. Enjoy!

Nail polish, nail files and… the dust

In order to create mirror nails, you will need: buffing block, file, brush, UV lamp and cleaner, base, top coat, nail polish in your favourite colour and the dust that will provide the mirror effect, like, Metal Glass by Provocater. The final result is stunning. Every time I have mirror nails all my friends ask me how I did it. You will get to know it in a minute.

How to create mirror manicure?

Prepare your nails for the manicure. Cut, file and polish them. If there is a need for it, push the cuticles with a wooden stick. Your fingernails need to be perfectly smooth so that the nail polish last as long as possible. What is more, on mirror nails all uneven areas will be noticeable. Then apply the base and harden it in the lamp. Next, apply two layers of the nail polish; each of them harden individually in the lamp.

Apply the top coat, which after you take from under the lamp should not be sticky. Now is the time for the Metal Glass Provocater. Dust it on the nail plate and flick its excess amount with a brush. What is left on the nail plate, tap in with your finger; be very careful while at it. To finish, apply one layer of top coat and harden it in the lamp. Your mirror manicure is ready!

Nail polish by Provocater

Provocater has in its offer many effects. Besides the mirror dust, there are also: Gold, Multicolor, Holo, Galaxy Stardust, Opal Powder and Neon. Nail polishes by the same manufacturer are available in many natural and original colours. Along with the cosmetics, you can get files, brushes and wooden sticks.

Do you like mirror manicure?

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