NEW! Benefit Cosmetics: Cheek Parade – Blusher and Bronzer Palette. My Review

Hello Girls,

Today, I’m going to describe my impression that face shaping palette from Benefit has left me with. I have been using it for three weeks now so I can give my opinion and tell you whether it’s worth buying it or not.

I guess there is no doubt about blusher and bronzer being fairly important make-up cosmetics and I assume that most of you would agree with me on that. Probably you also know what happens when you apply the wrong product onto your cheeks and by saying ‘wrong’ I don’t have in mind only mismatching shade of the cosmetic but also the quality of it; the one that is poor, the one which doesn’t meet our expectation completely. There is nothing more disturbing than a huge pink mark ruining the entire make-up that you have been applying long and toilfully.

I have to calm you down – Benefit won’t hurt you and the products promoted by the brand like blushers, highlighters and bronzers are considered as the top rated ones. Cheek Parade palette isn’t nothing more than just a collection of all the iconic blushers and bronzers, closed in a beautiful box. The palette just sweeps off the feet. I find there everything I need to contour my face and to highlight it; I use it even when I want to apply more extravagant make-up. Hool and Hoola Lite are two shades that you can use as a bronzer and a highlighter. The beautiful shade called Dandelion tops the make-up up. Apply it as a blusher since it will be good for warm and cool tones. Its secret lies in the exceptionally and incredibly ‘facial’ shade of cool pink mixed with a pinch of warmer notes. Dandelion (as any other shade of the palette) can be applied to eyelids to be blended with classic eyeshadows. Personally, I’m in love with two shimmering shades: one can be described as gold-and-copper bronze, which is the iconic Rockateur. It has been cleaving me for three months to play with light and shadow far beyond the face only. I also apply it to shoulders, cleavage, temples… This shade doesn’t only contour the face but also it gifts the skin with a healthy and radiant look. When it comes to highlighting, defining cheek bones and strobing, I use Galifornia, which is a golden-and-pink shade. This colour is going to be my number one through the entire spring and summer. It beautifully composes with sun-kissed cheeks. I also use it for more serious events and then I skim it over lips covered with a lipstick. The glamour effect it delivers is outstanding. Therefore, if you are going to buy one of a decent face contouring palettes – Cheek Parade should be your first choice. The girls who are more into the art of applying make-up, can mix the shades the palette contains or blend them with other make-up products. I blended it with Too Faced Chocolate Bar (I bet you know it) and the effect was just amazing! It was like I suddenly received a palette with tens of new shades! As any other product by Benefit, Cheek Parade has perfect consistency and marvellous pigmentation. I wholeheartedly recommend you this palette for all the hot summer days.

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