Beautiful & Healthy Hair? A Few Infallible Hints

Hi, girls!

Hair’s our biggest attribute. It makes us feel attractive and self-confident. It makes men can’t take their eyes off us. What can you do if your hairdo leaves a lot to be desired? Find the answer in the post. Enjoy!

Hair Oil Treatment

This haircare method is known to all girls who keep up with the latest beauty trends. The treatment involves applying a properly chosen oil to hair and scalp. To achieve effects, you must remember a few key rules. The first one says an oil must go with your hair porosity and type. The second rule is about purifying the scalp before oiling. The third one informs about the time the treatment should take, which depends on how much damaged your hair is.

What are hair oil benefits? Oils are extracted from plants, seeds and fruit so they’re full of vitamins and micronutrients. Thanks to them, hair and scalp are hydrated, nourished, soft to the touch and protected against harmful external factors. Additionally, hair’s easy to brush and style. Heat protection is guaranteed.

Trim your hair ends

You should visit a hairdresser at least once in two months. An experienced stylist will cut damaged and split ends so your hairdo will look fresh. Remember about the regular hair end care, using moisturising and protecting products. What’s the best time for cutting hair tips down? Do it when your hair’s hard to detangle, dry and damaged and you’re bothered by frizz and static.

Directed haircare

If you care for beautiful hair and healthy scalp, follow goal-oriented haircare routine. Go for products that match your hair type. Let’s picture it with one example. Coconut oil is the best for low porosity hair whereas it works completely different for highly porous hairdos – increases frizz right after the application. What’s more, when you use protein-rich products a lot, you may get your hair over-proteined – brittle, dry and coarse.

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