Cute eyeshadow palettes Mono Pop Eyes from The Face Shop


We often buy our cosmetics for one simple reason: we need them. We hear positive opinions and read raving comments on various products. What about the rest? From time to time, a product pops up, and it’s simply too cute to leave it standing. So we go ahead and buy it! That’s exactly what happened on my last trip to the drugstore. I ended up buying adorable eyeshadow palettes Mono Pop Eyes from The Face Shop.

What do the palettes look like?

They are tiny! They fit in a hand and can be carried in a bag or travel with you on a trip. What is more, they are colourful and decorated with funny figures. You can find Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, the characters from Monsters Inc. movie and Kakao Friends emojis. In the pallet, you will find a few eyeshadows selected to match the characters on the packaging. Therefore, the Mickey Mouse pallet contains red and brown shades, Winnie the Pooh gives us orange, red and brown tones. What is more, the product comes with a double applicator and a mirror; both tools will make the application easier, especially when being away from home.

Mono Eyes Pop eyeshadows from The Face Shop

The cosmetics from The Face Shop have average pigmentation which means that you should not count on intense make-up and full coverage (unless you apply a few layers). Most of the eyeshadows from Mono Eyes Pop palette contain shimmering shades that will lighten up your eyes. The make-up lasts a few hours, does not roll nor it gathers in the fine lines. However, girls with oily or combination skin might encounter a problem – the eyeshadows might accumulate in the crease of your eyes.

How to use The Face Shop Mono Eyes Pop eyeshadows?

Once you pick your favourite palette, you are all set to create a beautiful make-up. The selection of shades allows creating the always-trendy smokey eye effect. Apply a base shadow in a neutral colour. Then, use a light one under the arch of your brows and in the inner corners of your eyes. Next, go in with a medium colour and apply it to the middle of the upper eyelid – this will help you blend all the colours. Finally, use the darkest shadow to the outer corners. This will create the depth and make the look more flattery. Remember to blend out any sharp edges of the shadows. All you need to do now is to create a winged eye with your favourite eyeliner and apply mascara generously to make the look more dramatic.

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